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    On the spot

    On the spot

    We found freshman psychology major Haley Fulbright in front of Coronado Residence Hall.

    Wildcat: OK, you’re on the spot. Are you going to watch the Oscars later?

    Fulbright: Yes, I am.

    W: What time are they on?

    F: I think they start at 8 p.m., but I like to watch the pre-show.

    W: Have you seen a lot of the movies this year?

    F: Only a couple of them. Unfortunately I don’t get to go to the movies very much.

    W: What movies have you seen?

    F: I saw the “”No Country for Old Men”” and then only parts of the “”There Will Be Blood,”” I think it’s called.

    W: I haven’t seen “”Juno.””

    F: Oh I saw “”Juno.”” It’s so good. It’s like a girl version of “”Superbad.””

    W: If you had your own personal Oscars, who would be your favorite director?

    F: I don’t know his name, but he’s done all the ones lately: “”Superbad”” and I think he’s done part of “”Juno.””

    W: I don’t know his name either. What’s your most reaffirming movie moment?

    F: What do you mean?

    W: You saw it and you just got so happy and you wanted to cry and you had to stifle your tears in the movie theater.

    F: Actually “”Juno”” was one of them. It was a really uplifting movie and it had a happy ending. She ends up with the little Paulie Bleeker guy and it’s really cute.

    W: Is that the one from “”Arrested Development?””

    F: No, it’s the one from “”Superbad.”” The little awkward, blonde-haired kid.

    W: What’s the most touching scene at a beach?

    F: I don’t know. In “”The Notebook”” when they’re running around together. When they’re happy, when they’re dating and young and she’s in a little red bathing suit.

    W: What’s the funniest scene in a movie with a fart noise and/or a monkey puppet?

    F: I don’t think I have a favorite one of those.

    W: What’s the best scene featuring a mentally retarded Oscar nominee?

    F: The “”I Am Sam”” movie. That one was really, really good.

    W: Is that the one with all the Beatles songs?

    F: No, that one is “”Across the Universe.”” The “”I Am Sam”” is about a dad that’s retarded and gets his daughter taken away.

    W: That sucks. What’s the best flashback with mid-’80s music and slow motion and twinkles on the screen?

    F: “”The Wedding Singer.””

    W: What’s the best art-house movie filmed in a European country where a black and white heart-throb actor screams “”No!”” really loudly and puts up his hands in discontent.

    F: No idea.

    W: Or, I guess another version of that question would be, what color would you make the red carpet if it wasn’t red?

    F: I think a good navy blue would be nice because people would still stand out.

    – Andi Berlin

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