The proper attire for your boys’ night out

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Press Photo

K.C. Libman

Well, boys, it’s that wonderful time of year where Tucson starts cooling down again and you quit wearing tank tops to the bars. While some of you may fold up your bro tanks with a tear in your eye, keep in mind that fall is the most versatile time of year for your wardrobe. While this weekend has nights dipping down to the mid 60s, you can still toss on some jeans and pair them with the right tops and shoes to really make a sartorial impression — whatever your motives may be.

Quit wearing Vans. Unless you’re kickflipping stairs on your way to the bars, there’s not really a need to be wearing these skateboarding classics on your night out. Opt for shoes that have a bit more city-slicked class to them, such as wingtip brogues, penny loafers and monk-straps. Colored soles paired with modest tops, such as some of Mark McNairy’s fall offerings, give your feet a bit of pop that removes some of the formality of these classic business attire models. Your Sperrys are still OK too, bro. Just take some risks with your daily boat shoes and wear them out with slim khakis. Leave the shorts at home.

Jeans aren’t just for the ranch anymore. Starting with your ever-important denim, remember that your going-out jeans should be fitting slimmer than most, but never bordering on that saran-wrapped look. Walk a fine line with a fit and try out a few cuts until you find what works for your body type. The lines of your pant should compliment your body, ending with a straight-legged opening that allows the jeans to be cuffed, letting you get away with showing off a bit of ankle or a vibrant sock pattern. Darker denim, such as raw selvedge, pairs well with most formal shirts and sport coats while maintaining an air of nonchalance. Shy away from anything that’s super worn-out looking or acid washed — this isn’t the ‘80s and you’re not in Whitesnake.

The ever important T-shirt.
It’s still OK to pair a T-shirt with those jeans. For the love of God, stay away from graphic tees and pick something with a trendier pattern (Native American print, paisley for those who are feeling adventurous). Tees are the one place where you can get away with wearing a bit more fabric. Alexander Wang’s new menswear line showcases a series of his open-neck tees crafted from supple and lightweight jersey cotton, while also hanging a bit off of the body. While $94 for a T-shirt is a little extravagant, start hunting for a similar open necked variety at a place like American Apparel. Toss a well-fitting sport coat over top and you’ll be set for the bars. Just stop donning size-too-small Affliction shirts — it’s fall 2012 and we’ve seen enough of that, really.

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