What NOT to do this Family Weekend, according to the DW staff

The Daily Wildcat Staff

Do not walk in the bike lane with parentals. 

Do not forget to go on a Costco run. Stock up on three months of food. 

Do not stay at home. Do stuff with your folks! 

Do not go to Starbucks on campus. 

Do not eat on campus.

Do not sneak into the ZonaZoo. Not cool, parents.

Do not forget to make reservations at a restaurant.

Do not plan on a fast or cheap Uber. 

Do not assume that your parents won’t ask where all your money has been going.

Do not go on campus between 11 a.m. and 6 p.m. if you are not going to the football game. 

Do not ignore your parents. Get active.

Do not assume you will find a place to park. 

Do not tell your parents your D2L password, so they can’t see how bad your grades are.