Mailbag: Aug. 31

Arizona Daily Wildcat

On ‘Pop music perpetuates sex/violence double standard’

I would rather teach my child to be a good humane human being … and not take music or people like you too seriously. Don’t blame music, TV or the media if you can’t teach your own child how to have morals and ethics and be able to differentiate Lil Wayne singing about lollipops and how you should treat the women and people in your life. This argument goes back to videogames and Columbine High School. Try parenting.


— Anonymous


On ‘Student Recreation Center begins fingerprint scanning check-in’

Fingerprint scanning at the Student Rec Center. How absurd. I am amazed that the university students are not protesting invasions of their privacy. But, since you do not teach the Constitution, they probably have no idea how they are being abused.


— Mary MacKenzie


On ‘Professors should be given a syllabus, too’

So, you want every class session to be “”Sesame Street””? Sorry your profs can’t do a song and dance for you every day; they have lives outside of lecturing. Learning is not always fun. Sometimes it is painfully dull and difficult. That is why so many people drop out — because they have no concentration and demand to be entertained and thrilled at every moment. Maybe if you quit worrying about how fun the lecture is and actually just listen, you might learn something.


— Anonymous


I agree with this, when teachers don’t seem interested in the subject matter they are teaching, everything about the class is boring and a waste of money.  And (the other) comment … Really? Professors have lives outside of lecturing? Doesn’t your life include a job? Does your job suck that much that you’re not even interested in teaching anymore and you would rather just go home? Maybe if that is the case you shouldn’t teach anymore. … Maybe instead of just being a teacher you can be an inspiration to somebody, and maybe if you weren’t so bitter about your job maybe those who have similar feeling to this article would pay attention more in your class! Also I would like to know when it became a chore to go to college, “”painfully dull and difficult”” sounds like a prison sentence! Are we really paying thousands of dollars to be tortured?


— Anonymous