Fast Facts: Sept. 10

Arizona Daily Wildcat

Dr. Seuss coined the word “”nerd”” in his 1950 book “”If I Ran the Zoo.””

In the 1700s, trappers could get a dollar for a buckskin — hence the term “”buck.””

People used to say “”will I, nil I?”” when they couldn’t make up their minds — thus the expression “”willy-nilly.””

How did hammocks get their name? They were first made from the fiber of the hamack tree.

The lollipop was named after Lolly Pop, one of the most famous racehorses of the early 1900s.

Police are sometimes call “”the fuzz”” because London police once wore fuzzy helmets.

Why did Thomas Henry Huxley invent the word “”agnostic”” in 1869? He got tired of being called and atheist.