“On the Spot: Jessica Wang, Department of Communications teaching assistant”

Arizona Daily Wildcat

What did you dream about last night? Nightmare? Fantasy?

I dreamed about my boyfriend. I remembered this morning because I was talking to him all day, but now it’s too hard to remember.


No. Well the scariest experience I had, I got lost in Tucson mall without my cell phone and without my friends. It reminded me of when I was a child and got lost on the streets away from my mom.

Seriously, so terrifying. Favorite store in the mall?

I like Black Friday.

How did you and your boyfriend meet?

We met in Taiwan. He goes to Taiwan University.

So you are in a long-distance relationship?

Yeah, every time we see it’s other it is a honeymoon. The vacations are so memorable that we spend together.


Yeah we do that a lot. You really have to trust each other. I would not recommend it to someone who is not serious because the time apart is hard and there has to be a lot of trust.