Bread and Butter

Macklemore’s “Same Love:” rousing or despicable?

Kat Hermanson: Some out and proud queer folk say “Same Love” is just straight people thinking we need their permission to exist. We should push for more mainstream LGBTQ artists, but as a bi kid who had no outspoken queer or ally role models growing up, I appreciate the effort.

David W. Mariotte: Macklemore, to quote Daffy Duck, “You’re despicable!” Hip-hop wouldn’t hate you for being gay, but no one would blame it for hating you for erasing actually queer rappers. Angel Haze did it better.

Nick Havey: I like “Same Love.” I don’t think it’s the social justice anthem we’ve all been waiting for, but I think it’s positive, anecdotal support of marriage equality and it makes me feel good.

Does Marlise Munoz have the right to die?

Brittany Rudolph: Yes. Valuing life means respecting Marlise Munoz’s wishes and those of her family — not prolonging her death and causing her loved ones even more pain.

Mackenzie Brown: After finally being taken off of life support, Marlise Munoz is no longer the victim of conflicting state and familial interests.

Shelby Thomas: The whole situation is so tragically sad. I do think that, in this case, the family’s wishes should be respected.

Is it finally Leonardo DiCaprio’s Oscar year?

Eric Klump: After playing a rich bastard, a greedy bastard and a racist bastard, Leo is ready for gold with this year’s performance — a perfect combination of the three.

David W. Mariotte: I dunno. We’re still months away from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles but, so far, I’m pretty pessimistic about it.

Eleanor Ferguson: Well, he disappeared into the ocean in “Titanic” and then woke up on a beach in “Inception.” I’d say he deserves an Oscar.

Maura Higgs: I will win an Oscar before Leonardo DiCaprio does.

Should terminally ill kids be allowed medical marijuana?

Kat Hermanson: Medical marijuana is as legitimate a medicine as any pill a doctor prescribes. It manages pain while simultaneously lifting mood and stimulating appetite — which could help with the emotional struggles both kids and adults feel when they are terminally ill.

Mackenzie Brown: If we have the means to alleviate the suffering of terminally ill children, then we should certainly utilize them.

Kasey Shores: Do we really want our kids smoking anything?

Eric Klump: Yes, if only so that I can see the edibles that will be marketed to kids.