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    Police Beat

    Man sells fake magazine subscriptions

    Police responded to a call on University Boulevard for fraud Jan. 20 at 5 p.m.

    When police arrived they met with a woman who said she had been approached by a college-age man. The man said he worked for the “”Reader’s Association of America”” and was looking for people to buy subscriptions to magazines. The woman said that she did want some subscriptions, so she gave the man $180 in cash. When she requested a receipt, the man told her he did not have any, but his supervisor would be bringing some in a half an hour and she could get one then.

    The woman returned a half hour later and was unable to find the man. TThe man had given her a telephone number; however, when it was dialed, it was found to be the line for a fax machine. The woman told officers she thought the man looked official because he had laminated magazine materials. She filled out a subscription form with her address on it in order to receive the magazines.

    Police searched online for a company called the “”Reader’s Association of America”” which had negative results.

    The woman was issued victim’s rights. She said that she would recognize the man if he was seen again, but could not provide enough information for a composite sketch.

    Woman detained for gun possession

    A woman was placed in handcuffs after police saw a gun in her glove box Jan. 20 at 5:55 a.m.

    A University of Arizona Police Department officer observed a car driving without its headlights near the ROTC building and did a routine traffic stop. A Tucson Police Department officer was also in the area and came to assist. The UAPD officer was at the driver’s side window and the TPD officer on the passenger side when they asked the woman for her license, registration, and proof of insurance. When she opened the glove box, the TPD officer saw a 9 mm and shouted, “”Gun, gun.””

    The woman was told to remove her hand from the glove box and put both of her hands on the steering wheel. She did as the officers told her. She was then asked to step out of the vehicle and told she was going to be handcuffed for the officers’ safety and she was not under arrest. The woman was placed in the back of the patrol vehicle.

    Police noticed that the woman’s sweater said “”Marine”” on it. She told the officers that she was in the Marines and she was attending a prep class at the university. She said that she bought the gun several months ago and was told that she could carry the gun, loaded, in her glove box. She did not know that it was illegal to carry a loaded weapon in a glove box. Police also informed her that it was illegal to have any type of weapon on campus.

    There were several Marines on the sidewalk. The woman’s immediate supervisor identified himself to police.

    Police decided not to arrest the woman for any criminal charges because they were assured the Marines would handle the situation. The gun was unloaded and the clip and bullets removed. Police asked if there was a gun safe available in the ROTC building to store the weapon, clip and ammunition. They were told there was. The woman was informed about the laws regarding weapons on campus and concealed weapons.

    Man cited for paraphernalia at hoops game

    A man was cited and released for paraphernalia possession Jan. 21, at 7:42 p.m.

    Police were flagged down outside of the west entrance of the McKale Center by an employee who said that he had been given a pipe that had been found on an individual by a security person. The pipe had burnt residue inside of it and smelled strongly of marijuana. Police asked the employee if they could identify the man who the pipe belonged to. He said that he would have security members find him and escort him out.

    A member of the security team told the officer that the man had tried to enter the McKale Center when he was asked what was in his pockets. The man said, “”nothing,”” and tried to avoid security by walking away. Security then asked him again what was in his pockets and the man handed him a pipe. The security guard then let the man into McKale and gave the pipe to the employee.

    Police made contact with the man outside. The man said he did not know who the pipe belonged to, and he was just “”carrying it around.”” The man said that he thought the pipe was used for smoking tobacco and he did not know what else it was used for. Police asked the man to stick out his tongue. They noticed a greenish tint to the back of it.

    The man was cited and released for possession of drug paraphernalia. He was told not to return to the game for the rest of the evening or he would be arrested for trespassing. He said he understood. The pipe was confiscated.

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