MFA students showcase art

MFA students showcase art

Miranda Butler

This weekend, graduate students of UA’s Masters of Fine Arts program are offering an exhibition showcasing their artwork. This exhibit is called “”\in-‘stôl\”” and, as its name suggests, features installation-type artwork from 13 different students.

There is no universal subject matter or theme for the exhibit. Instead, each student’s work brings their own individual style and perspective to the artistic concept of installation.

Likewise, “”\in-‘stôl\”” includes pieces from all kinds of media, including photography, painting, printmaking, sculpture, animation, video, digital media, textiles and more. Many of the pieces in the show combine several techniques and utilize mixed media as well, so this variety is sure to create some truly unique pieces. And there is a lot of interesting art work to see. In fact, there were so many pieces that the exhibition rented an additional space to showcase them all.

Not only is “”\in-‘stôl\”” an opportunity for the artists, but it is also an event that enables other UA students to experience the many talents of their peers. Jovan Erfan, a second year candidate in the master’s program, explained, “”This is a great group of students, and the quality of their work is really good. This (exhibition) is an opportunity for people to come and see what the graduates in the School of Art are working on. It’s a terrific introduction to their art and the school.””