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Comments from Feb. 2

On ‘Final: Arizona 76, California 72,’ Jan. 31

The words “”house on fire”” don’t even begin to describe McKale Center at the end of that game. That is the loudest crowd I have ever heard in my three years as a UA student. Incredible. Great win by the ‘Cats, and I tip my hat to Cal. They played their hearts out and showed why they were alone at the top of the conference, but it just wasn’t enough to hold off the ‘Cats.

Kevin W.


On ‘Ready, AIMS, require,’ Jan. 27

Beyond the fact that we know that extremely expensive standardized testing does not work, let’s think about how the AIMS test presents itself. The study guides are written in Comic Sans MS with Mr. Bean characters pointing to important facts. Even the people who are making the tests are not taking them seriously. And, if you’re lucky enough to know the proctor of the test, then maybe you’ll even get to use a dictionary or thesaurus on the writing portion.

Sarah D.


On ‘Teens need info on sex,’ Jan. 27

I found this article to be very true. Some adults are living in the old days. One must accept that, as each generation continues to expand and continue onwards, things will change. Ten years ago, it was considered a swear word to say “”crap,”” whereas now, the word generally does not have the same effect. In the early ‘20s, one would have never talked about husbands having affairs, whereas now, they are part of some people’s everyday conversations. Even television shows deal with “”unfaithful partners.”” One hundred years ago, it was okay to disregard what women, as well as colored people, wanted and said, yet times have changed. Sex is simply a topic that displays changes in generations. If you cannot accept that, then you are incredibly ignorant. Sex is most definitely occurring in today’s society more than previous societies, and it may seem unacceptable to those who are parents now, but those who live in the past often get left behind. I do not have the answer as to when is the right age to start sex education, but hiding the facts from a curious pre-teenager or teenager is not the path to choose. It will only cause distance between you and your child.



On ‘Bridges Has “”Heart,”” But “”Crazy”” Doesn’t,’ Jan. 27

Nice review — it is wonderful to be able to enjoy something in the Wildcat for once.

Concerned Reader


On ‘Hoops: Top of the Pac,’ Feb. 1

Good game, fellas. Honestly, I thought Wise wouldn’t be able to show up this game, but he not only showed up … he showed out. Time for those Bears to hibernate!

G. Enhancement

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