Staff picks

No. 24 TCU at No. 2 Oklahoma

Brian Kimball, assistant sports editor
Last time the Horned Frogs visited Norman, they beat a seventh-ranked Sooner squad that had quarterback issues. There are no such issues this year with sophomore Sam Bradford lighting up the scoreboards as the Sooners have scored at least 52 points in each of their first three games. Expect Oklahoma to score a schooner-load of points and keep on pace to roll into its Oct. 11 showdown with No. 7 Texas undefeated in the unofficial Big 12 South title game.
Oklahoma 45, TCU 17

Ari Wasserman, assistant sports editor
While this particular game may look like a mismatch to the rest of the country, it certainly doesn’t look that way to the Sooner nation. Just look back to 2005 when the Horned Frogs went into Norman – TCU stole the show, winning 17-10. While the Sooners have somehow avoided the heat from the media after losing four out of their last five bowl games, Oklahoma will be embarrassed once again in Norman. This time it will be the other Stoops who wants to hide under his visor.
TCU 21, Oklahoma 20

Brian Roy, assistant sports editor
Perfect instance of rule No. 15: Never pick a ranked, two-word school over a high-ranked school. In this instance, No. 24-ranked Texas Christian (two words, excluding State and University) will fall in the two-word trap game to perennial powerhouse No. 2 Oklahoma. It’s just in the rules. Don’t mess with the rules, or with the angry horde of Sooner nation.
Oklahoma 35, TCU 23

No. 8 Alabama at No. 3 Georgia

Brian Kimball, assistant sports editor
Alabama head coach Nick Saban is a little weasel. He leaves LSU right after winning a national title for the big money of the NFL. He sucked at that, left the Miami Dolphins in shambles and took a huge check from the Crimson Tide boosters – he makes about $4 million per year. The game is in Athens, so that doesn’t help ‘Bama, and Georgia seems to be hitting its stride. I’ll go with karma. She’s a bitch. Just ask the Patriots.
Georgia 24, Alabama 13

Ari Wasserman, assistant sports editor
When Nick Saban left the Miami Dolphins for the Crimson Tide, the goal was to rejuvenate the traditional program. While I hate Saban as much as the next guy, his shady ways finally seem to be hitting stride at Alabama. Take a look toward the other sideline in Georgia; the cute blackout won’t be enough this time around. Perhaps one of the more overrated teams in the country, behind a route of Hawaii last year in a BCS Bowl, prepares for Georgia’s title dreams to die just like their dogs in the off season.
Alabama 41, Georgia 31

Brian Roy, assistant sports editor
Georgia busting out the black uniforms is almost as badass as Arizona’s red pants last weekend at the Rose Bowl. And unless the Bulldogs’ coaching staff busts out the Polo Ralph Lauren-esque fashion statements like Mike Stoops did, there’s not a chance Alabama wins. That is, unless the Bulldogs endure another wave of arrests before game time.
Georgia 27, Alabama 14

No. 22 Illinois at No. 12 Penn State

Brian Kimball, assistant sports editor
A battle for Big 10 supremacy? Well, maybe nothing about the Big 10 is supreme, except for its ability to schedule cupcake-nonconference opponents and stink it up on the big stage. At the very least, this should be an entertaining game with Illinois’ Juice Williams going at an athletic Penn State defense. Plus, Joe Paterno alone should be a good enough reason to watch. The 81-year-old can say some pretty crazy stuff and he won’t be coaching for too much longer.
Illinois 35, Penn State 31

Ari Wasserman, assistant sports editor
Penn State has been completely dominant so far this season, which is always nice to see for the loveable 81-year-old Joe Paterno. However, I think the Nittany Lions would be better served competition-wise if they played the Tucson School for the Deaf and Blind. Illinois, meanwhile, has played Big 12 power Missouri and will be more prepared to take on this game between two Big Ten title contenders. Expect the Illini, led by Juice Williams, to expose the Nittany Lions for what they are. Oh well, I still like Joe Pa.
Illinois 48, Penn State 29

Brian Roy, assistant sports editor
Not that the Pacific 10 Conference has impressed anybody in the past couple of weeks, but in recent years, the Big Ten has never ceased to underachieve. (Take the “”powerhouse”” programs like Ohio State and Michigan for instance.) It’s only fitting that Penn State knocks out a ranked conference opponent and restores balance in the polls for that overachieving Mountain West Conference.
Penn State 45, Illinois 21