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    Letter to the Editor

    I was highly amused by the half-page advertisement from the UofA Bookstores in the Feb. 5 issue. Disguised as a news article, the advertisement is clearly aimed at discouraging students from stealing from the UofA Bookstores and highlighting some of the possible consequences of shoplifting.

    I don’t think respectable news outlets like the Daily Wildcat should allow this kind of content in their papers — it looks deceptive to readers and lowers the overall credibility of the publication. However, in this case I was more amused that the bookstores actually thought it was a good way to address theft.

    A better idea would be listening to the hundreds of students and various ASUA officials who have called for allowing students to charge items to their university bursar’s accounts year-round, instead of only during certain time frames. This would encourage students to purchase more items from the Bookstores, rather than purchasing the same items for lower prices at other retailers. By making purchasing as easy as sliding a CatCard, students will be less likely to steal things.

    Another idea would be starting a Facebook page similar to Circle K’s “Crime Busters” page, where mug shots of suspected and confirmed shoplifters are posted on Facebook for identification and publicity purposes. Students would no doubt be embarrassed to have their photographs posted in such a venue, which would lead to a drop in theft. As an added bonus, it would be highly entertaining to the campus community, and would raise awareness of the fact that the Bookstores are serious about theft.

    There’s a lot of good things the UofA Bookstores could be doing to reduce theft and lower prices. Paying for advertising disguised as news in the Daily Wildcat isn’t one of them.

    Matthew Frey
    _emergency management senior
    Northern Arizona University
    (former UA student)_

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