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    Dean to handle red tags

    New policy: TPD will report UA students who receive a red tag to the Dean of Students Office.

    Red tag 101: Students can be cited a red tag for an “”unruly gathering,”” which means a gathering of five or more people in a manner which causes a disturbance, according to the law. Disturbances include excessive noise or traffic, drinking in public, serving alcohol to minors, fighting or littering.

    Consequences: Can result in the citation or arrest of violators, in addition to dispersal of the people at the gathering. The location cannot have another gathering for 180 days and the property owner will be notified. There is a minimum mandatory fine of $110 for the violation. With additional violations, fines can reach $1,500.

    Students living off campus could face on-campus discipline from the Dean of Students Office for unruly parties under a new Tucson Police Department program.

    In an effort to quell parties in neighborhoods surrounding the UA, TPD will inform the dean of students if UA students are cited, or “”red-tagged,”” for holding an unruly gathering.

    Veda Kowalski, associate dean of students, said the new program is still in trial or “”pilot”” phase, but Jason Davenport, a business sophomore, said the UA has no place in party deterrence.

    “”I think that is whack. It’s one thing if you are living on campus and you get in trouble,”” Davenport said. “”It’s your risk if the party gets out of hand and you get red-tagged. I don’t think the university should get involved, though.””

    The program was implemented so the Dean of Students Office has the chance to talk to cited students about their actions and deliver additional consequences, which could include educational sanctions.

    Punishments for infractions will come from the UA student code of conduct if students are found to have supplied alcohol to minors, posed a danger to the safety of the UA community or been involved in an act of violence at the party, Kowalski said.

    Samrat Miller, a history senior, said she doesn’t think her right to party should be infringed upon.

    “”Unless they can make an actual connection between partying and a lack of studying, I don’t think they should get involved,”” Miller said. “”To say that as a 21-year-old I can’t go to a party and drink isn’t fair.””

    Miller added she thinks if the UA is going to make anyone take any sort of diversion class, they should hold all partygoers accountable, not just the hosts.

    Madison Shepley, an undeclared freshman, said red tags don’t make sense in general, whether or not the UA further punishes recipients.

    “”I don’t think that the UA should get involved because most houses aren’t even close to campus,”” Shepley said. “”It’s not like people even invite most of the people that show up to parties anyway.””

    Chelsea Chee, an environmental sciences senior, said the infringement of privacy between UA administration and students bothers her.

    “”I’ve never been red-tagged, but I don’t think that the UA should ever make people take classes as punishment,”” Chee said. “”Getting in trouble on campus is one thing, but parties aren’t, so the UA shouldn’t be getting into other people’s business.””

    I had a horrible red tag. It was my friend’s birthday and like six of us were drinking in our apartment. The cops came and gave us M.I.C.’s and a red tag. I don’t think that red tags should be in effect at all.

    – Nathan Johnson,
    physiology sophomore

    Language behind the new protocol is vague, as infractions are subject to the UA’s code of conduct and, according to Kowalski, “”the range of the code goes anywhere from warning to expulsion.””

    Nathan Johnson, a physiology sophomore, said he thinks the UA should try to regulate underage consumption of alcohol, but the programs should benefit students.

    “”I think it is a good thing they are doing it through campus, but it should benefit the campus,”” Johnson said. “”I had a horrible red tag. It was my friend’s birthday and like six of us were drinking in our apartment. The cops came and gave us M.I.C.’s and a red tag. I don’t think that red tags should be in effect at all.””

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