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For the past 15 weeks, it seems like the only college football team I’ve heard about is Ohio State. That’s because my colleague Ari Wasserman talks more about his beloved Buckeyes than our basketball beat writer Michael Schwartz writes columns about football fans rushing the field. If only Ari could cover the Buckeyes for The Lantern, his life would be complete.

LSU 72, Ohio State 2

Mike Ritter, assistant sports editor

The LSU Tigers were going to be in the national title game before the season started. The media had it in their minds that LSU was the best team in the country, and even if that means unjustifiably jumping them over five teams in the last week to get them there, that is fine. Maybe they are better than the Buckeyes, but we won’t know for sure until Jan. 7. Look for me; I’ll be wearing red.

Ohio State 31, LSU 29

Ari Wasserman, sports writer

If there’s one thing this year proved, it’s that we need a college football playoff. Say what you will about every week being a playoff, but the only way to really know who’s best is to take eight of these teams – including No. 10 Hawaii – and duke it out for a few weeks. In the absence of that, the only sensible thing about this year is the team I’ve said is the best all along will win it all.

LSU 41, Ohio State 14

Michael Schwartz, assistant sports editor

When I look at these two teams, I see one team that has pounded its way through the toughest and most physical conference in the country, the SEC. On the other, I see one who stormed through the Big 10, but a very weak big 10. LSU is more battle-tested; it will be déjÇÿ vu for Buckeye fans.

LSU 47, Ohio State 27

Bobby Stover, sports writer

Take a look back to the beginning of the semester, when I picked LSU to win the BCS Championship. Today, we find ourselves on the tail (or Booty) end of a parity-driven college football season – with that brilliant prediction still in tact. As Pedro Martinez would say, the SEC is Ohio State’s daddy, since their last two national championship attempts in football and basketball both failed miserably against the gritty south. The third time is not a charm, but another rusty worthless Buckeye. Come to papa, Tiger.

LSU 34, Ohio State 7

Bryan Roy, sports writer

After the most chaotic season in BCS history, we are left with Ohio State playing LSU for all the marbles, and I smell a blowout. The Big Ten flat stinks. It is the sixth toughest conference. LSU had to face the top rated SEC. The Tigers, outside of two triple overtime games, were the best team in the country over the entire season. Plus, the Superdome is a short drive from Baton Rouge, so the Tigers are playing a virtual home game.

LSU 35, Ohio State 14

Corey Romberg, sports writer

LSU has the home-state advantage, playing in Louisiana for the ninth time this season. But that just means that since this year’s championship game is in New Orleans, the Tigers have to drive Les Miles to lose. Go Bucs!

Ohio State 49, LSU 37

Lance Madden, assistant sports editor

0-8. That is Ohio State’s record versus SEC teams in Bowl games. OSU is backing into the BCS Championship by default after Nos. 1 and 2 went down. They played a cupcake schedule and will be facing LSU, the only team not to lose in regulation, in what will amount to an LSU home game. Make that record 0-9.

LSU 38, Ohio State 14

Michael Fitzpatrick, sports writer

The “”National Shampionship Game”” should be a decent game. With both teams essentially backing into the title game, at least the two teams match up. Both teams boast hard-hitting defenses and inconsistent offenses, but the key factor will be the crazed pro-Tiger crowd in the Superdome. It should be closer than last year, but LSU should escape with the BCS “”Championship.””

LSU 24, Ohio State 20

Brian Kimball, sports writer