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    Police Beat: Sept. 28

    UA employee feels threatened by e-mailed expletives

    A director of a department on campus reported suspicious e-mails that were being received by one of her employees to UAPD on Thursday. The employee taught a student who was enrolled in her class and had started sending the employee e-mails that were possibly threatening.

    The employee told the officer she felt threatened by some of the e-mails sent from a foreign exchange student in one of her classes. She also stated that she no longer wanted that student in her class.

    The officer went to the residence of the student and spoke to him in front of the house. He asked the student about the e-mails and the meaning behind the statements. The man stated that he was joking and had no intention of hurting the employee. His meaning behind the e-mails was that he did not wish to be in that woman’s class anymore. In regards to calling her a bitch, the man stated that he had heard others in the class use that word to each other but did not know what it meant. The officer advised him that the UA was an educational institution and behaviors and statements like those are not to be used toward anyone, especially toward the staff of the university.

    The officer advised the student not to go into the building where his class was until he had been in contact with the Dean of Students Office, since it had been monitoring his situation.

    The officer also told the student that he would not be returning to that employee’s class because she no longer wanted him in that class. The man said he understood and would not return until he receives the phone call from the Dean of Students Office.

    Sobbing driver can’t keep story straight

    A man was arrested for driving under the influence on Thursday, at approximately 2:51 a.m. After some breath tests, he was additionally charged for DUI of .08 or above, DUI of .15 or above, and speeding. He was released to a friend who also picked up the vehicle.

    That night, at approximately 2:05 a.m., a UAPD officer noticed a car driving at a speed that appeared to exceed the limit. The officer got behind that vehicle and paced it, noting he was traveling 5 mph above the limit. The car then went into a zone where the speed limit lowered, changing from 35 mph to 30 mph, and the driver did not slow down or adjust his speed. The officer then pulled the car over.

    As soon as the officer approached the driver, the man began to cry. The officer asked what was wrong, and the driver stated that his boyfriend had just broken up with him. The man provided the officer with an Arizona driver’s license and a separate license for a woman. There were three passengers in the back seat, as well as a male passenger in the passenger’s seat who had a woman sitting in his lap who appeared to be very intoxicated and passed out.

    The officer asked the driver which woman the ID he had given him belonged to. The man said it belonged to the woman who was lying in the passenger seat. The officer called her name, and she told the officer she was OK. The officer could smell a strong odor of alcohol coming from the car. The driver continued crying and the officer noticed how watery and bloodshot his eyes were. The officer asked him to step out from the vehicle, which he did without any difficulty.

    The man kept crying, and the officer smelled the odor of alcohol on his breath. He administered the horizontal gaze test and as the man exhaled, the smell became more evident. The officer administered two other tests to the man.

    The driver said that he was picking up his friends and had not been drinking. He said that the smell of intoxicants was on his breath because he had kissed one of the females in the car and she had taken a shot.

    However, later the man told the officer he did not remember what exactly he drank prior to being pulled over. He informed the officer that he was a diabetic and took pills for his condition but did not remember what pills they were because his mother usually gave them to him.

    The man submitted to a test that showed a presence of alcohol in his system. He was placed under arrest at 2:51 a.m. and was taken to the UAPD station after being handcuffed. At UAPD, a few other tests for alcohol showed that he had high levels of alcohol present in his body and received additional charges for DUI.


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