Fast Facts: Sept. 21

Arizona Daily Wildcat

  • The blood vessels of a blue whale are so wide that an adult trout could swim through them.
  • Baby seals are called “”weaners.””
  • At its peak, a growing blue whale gains between 200 and 300 pounds per day.
  • If a walrus eats enough food, it can grow wider than its own length.
  • A whale’s heart is as big as a compact car.
  • The sperm whale’s eyeball is about as big as an orange.
  • Dolphins can hear underwater sounds from as far away as 15 miles.
  • How can you tell when a porpoise is searching for a mate? It swims upside down.
  • A whale’s heart beats about once every six and a half seconds.
  • Bottle-nosed whales can dive 3,000 feet in two minutes.
  • The sperm whale’s brain weighs 20 pounds, the largest in the animal kingdom.