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Soundbites: Oct. 20

The Daily Beast’s Meghan McCain posted a revealing photograph of herself with her chest on display on Twitter. The picture received national attention and McCain was criticized heavily. Wildcat columnists determine if McCain is indeed as provocative as criticizers would like to believe.

McCain exposes herself … what’s the problem?

For the first time in the history of mankind, something that otherwise would have gone relatively unnoticed has received a wealth of attention due to its inclusion of boobs.

Furthermore, in another historical moment, a female has pushed half of her chest out of her shirt and blamed it on the size of her breasts. Nonetheless, far be it from me to complain about such things.

Daniel Greenberg is a Near Eastern Studies senior.

He can be reached at

Photo a cry for attention

Like many conservatives and Republicans, I strongly disagree with McCain’s angst-ridden, bratty Daily Beast articles. She often comes across as whiny and oblivious to the fact that her father’s political status has opened so many doors for her.

Though I usually dislike McCain’s arguments and occasional inappropriate Tweets, I have to agree that she shouldn’t be labeled as promiscuous for posting a photo of herself in a tank top.

All right, her chest is falling out of her shirt, but this happens to tons of women all over the world. She can’t help being well-endowed, and I’d hope she’s not self-conscious about this.

It’s sad that girls with voluptuous breasts are perceived as sluts. Unless she wants to endure painful reduction surgery, McCain can do nothing about having a naturally large chest, and she shouldn’t be scolded for showing it off in a Twitpic.

I don’t blame McCain for taking the picture, but I question her motives. If anything, I suspect she brought this on herself. Perhaps she wanted some drama, flavor and attention, so she found an easy way to become this week’s media scandal.

Congratulations McCain, it worked. Flaunt yourself all you want, but don’t pretend like you don’t love the free press.

Laura Donovan is the opinions editor.

She can be reached at .


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