Cash to Chip now defunct

Cash to Chip now defunct

Jazmine Woodberry

CatCash will completely replace “”Cash-to-Chip,”” a way to pay for services like printing and laundry with their CatCards, on Friday.

Money now can be loaded onto an account using your NetID, much like with meal plans. The “”Cash-to-Chip”” machines would no longer be necessary.

Guests can also deposit money into accounts, although transactions and balances are only visible to the NetID holder.

CatCash will allow students to pay for garage parking and printing in more than 50 stations, including the option to charge some services.

The goal for the program is that the many places on campus where a student would use cash would be supplanted by CatCash, meaning students could even buy a fitness pass at the Student Recreation Center or tickets from UApresents.