On the spot

We found journalism freshman Audrey Connors drinking something in a Pepsi cup at the Student Union Memorial Center.

Wildcat: You’re on the spot. I wrote these questions because I wanted to talk to those people over there at the Pepsi Challenge, but they were out of soda. So I’m going to ask you anyway because soda is a pretty cool thing. A lot of people drink it, a lot of people have opinions, a lot of people want to talk about it.

Connors: OK.

W: What is your favorite soda?

C: Diet Coke?

W: Why?

C: I like the taste?

W: Is that really good enough?

C: It’s refreshing, it’s diet. There are no calories in it.

W: What soda’s better, Pepsi or regular Coke?

C: I think they’re the same.

W: What’s better, Pepsi or Dr. Pepper?

C: Dr. Pepper.

W: What’s better, Pepsi or Fanta? See, these are the Pepsi questions. Sorry.

C: Pepsi.

W: What’s better, Pepsi or Diet Pepsi?

C: Diet Pepsi.

W: What’s better, Pepsi or Diet Pepsi Max Invigorating Cola … with ginseng.

C: I guess the new one?

(Her friend): It was actually pretty delicious when I had it today.

W: Did they give you a free bottle?

(Her friend): A can.

W: It’s like those church groups who give out the free water on the Mall. You think it’s going to be a water bottle that says, “”Water you doing Sunday?”” but it’s just a water cooler and they give you a little cup. It’s like, I could get free water at a drinking fountain. What’s better, Pepsi or milk?

C: Pepsi.

W: What’s better, Pepsi or champagne?

C: Champagne.

W: What’s better, Pepsi or Guinness?

C: Pepsi.

W: What’s better, Pepsi or sweat squeezed from a lioness caring for her young?

C: Pepsi.

W: What’s better, tree bark or Pepsi?

C: I haven’t tried that one either, but I guess it’s Pepsi.

W: What’s better, chairs or Pepsi?

C: Pepsi.

W: What’s better to sit on?

C: Oh, OK. This isn’t the same now.

W: What about a chair made out of Pepsi?

C: That wouldn’t be very good.

W: What about a frozen Pepsi chair … that’s … made…

C: I don’t think that would work very well.

W: What about Pepsi cans made into a chair … that looked similar to that chair … but are made out of Pepsi cans?

C: I mean, if it was stable enough, I guess that would work.

– interview by Andi Berlin