Mailbag: April 1

Arizona Daily Wildcat

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On ‘Too late to take action against bullies,’ March 31

I work in the behavioral health field I have a 14-year-old client who endures daily harassment at school and via text message. It has gotten to the point where she is refusing to go to school and ditches classes once she is there. (And she is the one getting the brunt of the punishment for truancy.) The threats, harassment and intimidation have been reported to the police and a “”mediation”” took place with the perpetrators, but the behaviors have continued. On March 24 and 25, she attempted to kill herself. Fortunately her attempts were unsuccessful. There IS an anti-bullying law in Arizona, but I’m wondering if it’s actually being implemented. The steps weren’t followed in this case and almost resulted in a very tragic ending. People really need to speak up before more kids die. Thanks for your column.

— Sonia Yanez

On ‘Ricky Martin: “”I am a fortunate homosexual man,””‘ March 30

Go Ricky Martin!! Good for you!!

— Anonymous

I, for one, am totally shocked by this news! As a Christian, I will never listen to Menudo again.

— Anonymous

Oh, sure! Ricky Martin is gay … RIGHT! Next thing you’re gonna tell me that Rip Taylor is gay, too!

— Anonymous

When the last homosexual comes out of the closet, who is next?

— Anonymous

On ‘Footprints used to study evolution,’ March 30

On top of all the other things this article has done horribly wrong, the headline mentions a “”Theory of Evolution.”” Evolution is a fact; the current theory for the mechanism that drives evolution, which has held up to 151 years of criticism, challenges and tests, is the Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection. Sir Naff

The basis of these experiments is essentially flawed because of human physiology. Attempting to reproduce the laetoli footprints ( which are +/- 3.5 million years old ) with a human foot whether upright or bent over will not yield identical results due to differences in bone structure between modern humans and early hominids, especiallly if comparing them to a semi bipedal locomotor such as a chimpanzee. This has been common knowledge for a long time in anthropology, which should have been noted by these “”professionals””; their research is little more than redundant. Also, this article was written by a college student? What are you guys learning at the U of A?

— An Anonymous Anthropologist

Methinks the (high school?) student who wrote this article or a (creationist?) Wildcat editor was looking for some sensationalism with the aforementioned mismatched headline. Creationists who don’t read or think (redundancy?) will take said headline as more “”proof”” for their evidence-less position.

— Anonymous