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Mailbag: March 30

Letters to the editor

Point of correction

The Veterans Education Transition Services (V.E.T.S.) Office here at the University of Arizona would like to issue a correction to the article on the front page of the Wildcat, “”New degree caters to military men,”” (March 26) written by Jazmine Woodberry. We find that the Wildcat has done a disservice to both the veterans on campus and service members currently serving by stating that only “”military men”” are being offered new degree programs here at our university. Perhaps it is a lack of understanding that the author and editors assume the only people in the military are men.

The V.E.T.S. Office, on behalf of the veterans at the university, would like to inform the Wildcat and the student population that 20 percent of our current military force is composed of women and that the veterans population is of similar composition. To ignore the contribution and sacrifice that female service members make on a daily basis diminishes the contribution and sacrifice service members make as a whole. Veterans are an eclectic group, composed of every race, creed, age and sex. Here at the UA alone, there are over 800 student veterans on campus, with additional veterans serving as professors, staff and administration. These numbers do not include the many young men and women currently pursuing a commission through the ROTC programs offered at the University.

For those that may have more questions about veterans here on campus, volunteer with the many programs being run through the V.E.T.S. Office, Veterans looking for assistance or just a place to relax, please call the V.E.T.S. Office 626-8380 , contact via email: or join our Facebook group: UAVETS/Student Veterans of America

— Robert Rosinski, V.E.T.S. office historian

Matt Randle, V.E.T.S. office director

Glen Lacroix, V.E.T.S. Club president


High hopes

Enough signatures have been obtained to put legalizing marijuana on the November 2010 ballot in California. The law would legalize possession of up to one ounce for ages 21+ and put regulations on growing marijuana. The proposal would also put a tax on the purchase of marijuana. California residents overwhelmed the petition exceeding the required amount of 433,000 signatures by over 250,000. Citizens are not the only ones excited for such an idea. Government officials are more than eager to take this measure in hopes to bridge the state’s immense deficit. Inching further and further away from the Nixon era, when the government demonized marijuana in the United States, society is becoming less scared of the prospect of legal marijuana. Currently prohibition of pot costs the state heaps of money, but legalization combined with taxation will generate plenty of much-needed revenue for California. With the recent pass of the largest health care bill the world has ever seen, history is continuing to be made as California will be the first to legalize marijuana depending on the November 2010 elections. With far more pros than cons, the vast support of Californians, and sturdy government endorsement this bill is sure to pass. After it does, it is only a matter of time before all of America is on board.

— Alex Digaudio

Psychology freshman

Comments from

On ‘Chelsea Chelsea needs more bang bang,’ March 26

I loved the book! Chelsea is hilarious, and I love The Chelsea Lately show. My husband and I watch it every night. I wish it were an hour so it didn’t seem so rushed! She says out loud what the rest of us are thinking! LOVE HER! You rock Chelsea!

— Anonymous

On ‘GPSC begins election debates,’ March 29

Mabel Crescioni and Alison Betts are both excellent candidates, and I hope they win so that graduate student advocacy can gain strength next year at UA! They both have extensive experience in GPSC and other forms of student government and are both diplomatic people who listen to constituents and fight hard for graduate student rights and benefits.

— GPSC fan

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