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Dorms 101: Where to live on campus

Moving away from home is one of the biggest fears that comes with incoming college students.

Freshman students have oftentimes never lived away from home for an extended period of time, and the thought of living in a small cube with another person is a lot to handle.

The UA provides 23 residence halls for its students. While you can technically spend your entire time as a college student in the dorms, 80 percent of on-campus residents are freshman, according to the official website of UA Residence Life.

Not all freshmen are required to live on campus, however, being on campus can help students become integrated with the Wildcat community.

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If you’re worried about where you might end up for the next year or more, do not fear. Here is your guide to residence life and an overview of some of the resident halls the UA campus has to offer.

Park District

The Park District features some of the better-known residence halls on campus.

These dorms are just south of Old Main and close to Euclid Avenue and Sixth Street.

Within the Park District is Coronado Residence Hall, which is the most populated dorm at 776 students and one of the more famous dorms on campus. It also has a nine-story view of the UA.

The rooms each house two residents, but what makes this dorm unique is the suite-style bathrooms that serve four students each.

The second most populated dorm on campus is Árbol de la Vida Residence Hall, also in the Park District.

The dorm houses 719 residents during the year and is one of the newest dorms on campus.

Arbol, as it is commonly referred to, is an honors-only dorm consisting of five buildings connected by sky bridges. This dorm is commonly recognized for its sustainable design.

Other dorms in the Park District are Arizona-Sonora Residence Hall and the Kaibab-Huachuca Residence Hall, which hold 498 and 342 residents, respectively.

Students of the Park District also have easy access to the Park Student Union, which houses a number of popular eateries and academic resources for students.

Highland District

The Highland District is home to many of the newest dorms on campus.

These residence halls straddle Highland Avenue and are situated between the UA Mall and the Student Recreation Center.

On the west side of Highland Avenue, you can find Pueblo De La Cienega, Posada San Pedro and Villa Del Puente Residence Halls.

These dorms are all identical in layout with Pueblo De La Cienega and PSP each housing 238 residents and VDP housing 300 residents.

Located on the east side of Highland Avenue is Likins Residence Hall, Arbol’s little brother.

Like Arbol, Likins has multiple buildings connected by sky bridges, however, it only houses about half the residents with a capacity of 369.

The rest of the Highland District contains five other residence halls varying in size including Navajo-Pina Residence hall, which is built into the lower parts of Arizona Stadium.

All residents in the Highland District have easy access to Highland Market, which features breakfast burritos that are famous among students, and are located conveniently close to UA’s athletic facilities and the Rec Center.

Historic District

The Historic District is the largest of the three districts and encompasses 10 residence halls.

The district encompasses all dorms north of Fourth Street and includes some of the oldest buildings on campus. Many of these residence halls are close to Old Main, the Student Union Memorial Center and the center of campus.

The Rawls-Eller Lodge is one of the newest additions to the Historic District and was recently converted from a fraternity house to a dorm.

This hall houses 64 residents, features a large courtyard, a private basketball court and private bathrooms.

The Gila, Maricopa and Yuma Residence Halls are housed in older buildings and are located just off of Second Street and Park Avenue.

Maricopa is an all-female dorm and Yuma is reserved for honors students.

The final highlight of the Historic District is the Babcock Residence Hall. The hall is the furthest dorm from the center of campus, located across Speedway Boulevard, near the Banner Health—University Medical Center, but the residence hall does have its own pool, making it unique from every other dorm on campus.

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