“On the spot: Omar Martinez, Film sophomore”

Claire Engelken

What’s your favorite film?

This week …

If you had to pick one?

This week if I had to pick one I would say maybe “”James and the Giant Peach.””

Really? Why?

He overcomes his obstacles.

With a peach?

No. No.

That’s fruit, Omar.

Not with the peach. You know, sometimes the biggest enemies can be family, the biggest obstacles can be family.

And not fruit.

Not fruit. Yeah.

Did you watch the Oscars?

I did — the last part of them, like the last hour.

Don’t you think James Cameron has enough money?  Don’t you think he seems like a douche bag?

That’s why he didn’t win anything.

Right? And his ex-wife won all the stuff.

Really? The Bigelow is his ex-wife? That is sweet. She’s a hottie.

She’s way hot. Do you think he would win or lose in a fight against Steven Spielberg? Like an all-out fist fight — no weapons, like ultimate cage fighting.

I think Spielberg could take him ‘cause Cameron looks gauntly. He looks like … sickly.

I think he looks like a cake-eater. I think since Spielberg has the beard, he just looks rogue.  You don’t know what he’s going do in the ring.

Yeah, he’s a little guy.

So, South Park or Family Guy?

South Park.  It was trailblazing.

And highly offensive.

Yes, I love it.

— Claire Engelken