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Community Chatter: Do you think you could effectively hold elected office while being a student?

“I don’t think I could run and be effective. I wouldn’t want to run in the first place and I would be too busy and preoccupied with other stuff. I could think of good stuff but I don’t know what the job entails.”

-Tim Arrigo,
journalism senior

“No, I would just want to focus on studying. It would be good but it would take to much time. English is my second language so it would be too much.”

-Abdul Asana,
pre-business freshman

“Personally, I would never do it because I don’t really get involved in government and politics. However, I probably would be pretty good at it because it’s the same thing as a student having a normal job and I am pretty good at balancing school and work at the same time.”

-Kimberly Cuccinello,
pre-business freshman

“Yeah, I think so. It will be a huge time commitment for both school and the job but if you can pull it off that would be great. School is number one for me, and at some point that job might take over. The point here is to get an education.”

-Matt Olmut,
pre-business freshman

“Me personally, no. I am way too busy. I hardly even have time for a job half of the time so I can only imagine what else I would have to do. I figure I have the leadership and qualities for it, but I just don’t have the time for it.”

-Si’Ana Coggins,
biochemistry freshman

“No, I don’t think so. I need to worry about graduating with a high (grade point average) and keeping my scholarship. That would take too much of my time and would jeopardize my GPA.”

-Karina Marquez,
freshman studying French

“There is a lot of responsibility and I believe it would be a great learning experience but overall I think if I had less commitments then I would. But I am in a fraternity and I have lots of homework and schoolwork so that’s mostly why I wouldn’t.”

-Spencer Ryan,
pre-business freshman

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