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Mailbag: Jan. 29

On ‘Killer, Killer, Caterpillar: Will UA continue to support criminal companies?,’ Jan. 28

Mr. Schivone has dedicated the majority of his time to finding various criminal or criminal-sounding activities committed by multinational organizations. But someone of Mr. Schivone’s intellectual prowess would hardly fail to notice the multitudinous crimes committed by the federal government of the United States: the horrors of the two-front war in the Middle East; the continued lack of legal standards and potential murders at Guantanamo Bay; the billions of dollars sent in support of his bugbear Israel; the more domestic injustice cited by his own column a week or so ago; etc. This, then, raises the question: why hasn’t Mr. Schivone called for the UA to “”divest”” itself from the millions of dollars that it receives from the federal government — stimulus and otherwise? Inquiring minds want to know.


Keep up the excellent work Gabriel. It’s such a relief to know that UA faculty and staff are opening their eyes to the atrocities that are committed with the use of Caterpillar products. While it’s only a stepping stone in hindering violence, it is a crucial one. Thank you for your hard work.


What a superb article written by true intellect. You are someone who does not falter to question the face of deception. Someone who stands to fight against injustice and who fights for peace, understanding and harmony among us all. There may be those who believe you ride on ‘high horses’ and who believe you to be of a higher status than sliced bread, but, I assure you Gabe, you are as human as the rest of us. You fight in the way of justice, thank you.

Julia Aristoci

I hate to break it to you, but the trendy Macbook that you wrote this editorial on probably contains electronics that were engineered and/or manufactured in Israel. Sorry.


On ‘What time is it anyway?,’ Jan. 27

It appears Chris Kopach is wearing his now-famous ass hat. How hard is it to fix these clocks? I think it’s time he uses his University of Phoenix online degree and gets busy.


On ‘Basketball at ASU’ Photos, Jan. 24

How about some shots of the dejected ASU fans or the only 60-strong UA contingent that totally overshadowed the arena full of ASU fans?

Kevin W.


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