Scottish invasion soon to hit Rialto

Maura Lastovicka

A Scottish invasion is coming soon. Shoegaze band Mogwai will play at the Rialto Sept. 10, when they take stage at 8 p.m. Started in 1995, Mogwai has been around long enough to be grounded as one of the best art rock bands. Listening, one can tell they are heavily influenced by such greats as Joy Division, My Bloody Valentine and Sonic Youth. Their music is built around slow, gradual guitar, with no lyrics. Although their 2001 release includes vocals, Super Furry Animals’ Gruff Rhys was responsible, adding an insanity they are not normally known for. But when the band is alone, as they are on tour, they are the sound of thousands of punk rock kids lethargically swaying in an ocean of morphine, romantically distorted and very easy to snog to. Although wise in their years of rock, do not mistake them as irrelevant.