How to… have a great spring break

  1. Get out of Tucson! Whether it’s a weekend trip to Phoenix or a cruise to Mexico, the change of scenery is needed and adventures are always more fun in a different city.
  2. Meet up with an old friend. Nothing helps mid-term recovery like grabbing a drink with a familiar face.
  3. Make a new friend. New friends equals new adventures.
  4. Sleep for 12 hours straight. We all need it.
  5. Read a mindless book. After reading textbooks for hours on end it is easy to forget how enjoyable reading can be.
  6. Visit your parents. Get a good meal, your laundry done, and maybe some money.
  7. Don’t think about school. Duh.
  8. Do something you have never done before. Sky dive, bungee jump, ask the person you have been studying with out on date.
  9. Eat fork food. Stay away from the burritos, sandwiches and burgers we grab on the go. Make a steak, grill an eggplant, or whip up some pasta.
  10. Have fun! You’re only in college for four (well, supposed to be) years. Live it up, and drink it down!