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    Police Beat: Feb. 9

    Student taken to UMC regarding ‘bizarre’ behavior

    A female UA student was was reported to the University of Arizona Police Department for acting bizarrely on Sunday at 9:09 p.m.

    A UAPD officer responded to the Pima Residence Hall and met with the community director and resident assistant.

    The RA showed the officer the student’s room.

    When the officer entered the room, the student was lying down with her face in her pillow.

    The student was giggling and kicking her legs up and down.

    The officer told the student that the police were there and asked for the student’s name. The student continued to giggle and did not respond.

    The officer found the student’s CatCard on a dresser and asked the student for the day.

    “”Fuck, by now it’s gotta be Saturday!”” the student said. However, it was Sunday night.

    The officer continued to ask questions in an attempt to figure out what was wrong, but the student continued to refuse to respond.

    The student also kept making references to “”her Lord”” and how the student’s Lord was the only one that she cared about.

    The officer was not able to get much information and sought assistance from Tucson Fire Department.

    While the officer waited for the Tucson Fire Department to respond, the officer interviewed two of the student’s friends who lived down the hall.

    The student began acting strangely on Thursday, Feb. 3. She was not focused on schoolwork and kept making strange references to “”her God,”” according to the friends.

    The friends said that the student usually was very studious and not easily distracted. The friends said they were scared to report the strange behavior.

    The officer contacted the boyfriend of the student, and he said that he had visited on the previous Friday.

    The student’s mother displayed similar symptoms, the student’s boyfriend said, who also said he was worried about how she was acting.

    The officer contacted the student’s grandmother and said that the student would be taken to University Medical Center for medical evaluations. The grandmother said she would be there on Monday morning to take care of the student.

    The student was transported to the UMC at around 10:16 p.m.

    Hospital staff said that the student was going to be kept overnight for medical evaluations and would not be committed for psychiatric evaluations because she was not exhibiting violent behavior.

    Marijuana smell coming from no where

    A resident assistant reported the smell of marijuana in Manzanita-Mohave Residence Hall on Sunday at 6:22 p.m.

    UAPD officers responded to the dormitory and went to the floor in question.

    An officer noticed a smell of marijuana on the floor that was exceptionally strong around the doorframe of one particular room.

    The officer heard nothing to indicate that the room was occupied.

    While in the hallway, the officer found one of the room’s residents, who did not exhibit signs or symptoms of marijuana use.

    As the officer entered the room with the resident, the officer noticed four fabric softener sheets in the air conditioning vent and one window open.

    The resident told the officer that the roommate lived in the north half of the room.

    The officer saw two packets of cigarette rolling paper on the desk in the north half of the room and a shot glass on the desk with a small amount of flavored tobacco inside.

    The officer could not find used paraphernalia or marijuana in plain view of the north half of the room.

    The resident’s roommate had moved in only two weeks prior and made marijuana smoking apparent to the resident.

    The resident asked the roommate to not smoke marijuana in the room, but on two occasions the resident walked in on the roommate rolling joint.

    The resident didn’t want to report the roommate to the police but had already submitted a request to change rooms.

    The RA notified the officer that the shot glass was a Residence Life violation and would be noted in the incident report.

    The officer obtained the roommate’s cell phone number and left a message regarding the incident.

    The officer also completed a Dean of Students Office code of conduct referral regarding the odor of marijuana from the room, fabric softener placement, open window, rolling paper, resident statement and no signs or symptoms of marijuana use by resident.

    Painting the town … purple?

    Purple graffiti was found in many locations on and off campus on Sunday at 4:29 p.m.

    A UAPD officer conducted a security check at Main Gate Parking Garage and noticed purple spray-paint.

    The graffiti was applied to the top level of the garage on the outside southeast corner by the stairwell.

    The graffiti was about two feet by six feet in size and consisted of unreadable letters.

    The rest of the garage was clean of graffiti.

    The officer conducted a check of surrounding UA properties and found the same purple graffiti on the outer wall of the Southwestern Institute for Research on Women.

    The graffiti was six feet by eight feet in size.

    A check of the area found many non-UA properties with the same graffiti.

    No evidence was found. The graffiti was photographed and placed into evidence.

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