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    In response to “New dialoge needed to end rape culture”(by Carson Suggs, August 26):

    I don’t know where to even begin with this. Such dialogue will not encourage the end of rape culture, but further self-victimize women and villify men that ultimately do not contribute to rape. “We should not be trying to teach women how to not get raped, but instead teaching men not to rape.” This proves my original point that the editorial is treating men like they’re the problem. It isn’t men who are the problem. It is men who rape women that are the problem. You can’t continuously villify one demographic just to support a cause. Once again, all I see is the feminist grievance industry that only wants to scream, “Bloody murder!” even when there isn’t a murder. The “one in four women will be raped” citation from the study is flawed at best, and only is cited by campus health groups because it only permits anti-rape campus groups to receive additional public funding.

    Citing Dean Saxton? Saxton didn’t make any indication toward a specific party in his slogan, and thus couldn’t be touched. What disturbs me is that you’re so incensed about regulating the First Amendment rights of those who criticize the “rape culture” or go against your beliefs but support every measure to promote the rights of those you concur with. All I see in this argument is political correctness and feel-goodism that doesn’t address the problem but provides superficial pleasure to feminists at the expense of our civil rights. Who cares if two guys use “rape” inappropriately?

    Those same First Amendment rights apply to your “Take Back the Night” events and the leftist’s activity. All I saw in the “Take Back the NIght” event was more of that superficial pleasure and not enough actual action. Don’t waste your time trying to infringe on everybody else’s rights just because you think rape is bad. Of course, rape is bad, but so is capitalizing on that rape (under the guise of charity).

    — FedUp

    In response to “More awareness needed to address college male culture” (by Jessica Draper, August 27):

    Seems like another effort to change men rather than actually solve men’s issues. If they really wanted to show concern for men, they’d have pointed out the suicide rate. After all, men killing themselves 3 times more often than women should spark far more concern that their binge drinking twice as much. But men killing themselves off isn’t their concern. The concern is when men do things, like drinking, that can negatively affect women. This men’s program isn’t about helping men, it’s about changing men to be better for women … just like every other program that has come before it. What men need is support from people who aren’t advocates for the feminist movement, who don’t have that “women first” agenda. And nevermind that many of the issues men face in college are a direct result of feminism. Schools, from preschool on through to university has become hostile to men and boys. And the lack of male role models and teachers doesn’t help…but our governments are concerned with the gap in STEM fields, the opposite gap in school teachers, meh, whatever. Men are all pedophiles waiting to molest our children anyway (Wonder where that idea came from?).

    — Mark Neil

    In response to “Guest Column: ZonaZoo should show support by staying entire game” (by Kirk Sibley, August 27):

    RichRod said it himself, it’s the culture. You have to remember, a lot of these students, while many generally enjoy football, they are not your die-hard SEC or Big 10 fans. While also looking into this aspect, let’s be real, U of A students really like to party. Games generally start at 7 p.m. and depending on TV running time, can go until 9:30-10, which is when most people have their parties. While it is good that the UA is the only game in town, football is not the only thing to do for a lot of these students. The only time the student section will stay is if the game is close. If U of A is being blown out, students will leave to go party. If U of A is smashing the other team, students will leave to go party. Only way they stay is if they are not sure who will win. The reality is, until U of A starts producing 8-9 win teams instead of 6-7 win teams, students would rather go party than stay for the entirety of a game.

    — Zona Zoo fan

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