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Tweeting with the Wise guy

Editor’s Note: Point guard Nic Wise scored 30 points on Sunday to lift the Wildcats to a 76-72 victory over California. The senior led Arizona in scoring and earned the second Pacific 10 Conference Player of the Week accolade of his career.  In the Daily Wildcat’s first-ever Twinterview, sports reporter Bryan Roy tweeted with Wise to discuss the Wildcats’ NCAA Tournament chances, his Kevin Garnett scream and whether UA basketball head coach Sean Miller will ever get a Twitter.

@WildcatHoops: What’s up Wildcats, we got an exclusive Twinterview with @TheNicWise. Let’s go: Nic, where does this Pac-10 POW award rank in your career?

@TheNicWise: up there behind the national player of the week from last year.

@WildcatHoops: You guys tore up February last season with a seven-game winning streak. Do you see any similarities this season?

@TheNicWise: we’re a different team than last year but we’re at 4 in a row now so we’ll see what happens.

@WildcatHoops: ESPN has you in the Tourney. Is it hard not to get caught up in The Streak, especially as a senior?

@TheNicWise: we’re not worried about the tourny right now. We haven’t even talked about it once this season. We’re about the Pac-10.

@WildcatHoops: Alright enough basketball… What’s up with the team’s love for twitter? This is a Final Four team if tweets were points.

@TheNicWise: a lot of young like to have fun with our big fan base. Also something to kill time with in class lol.

@WildcatHoops: That’s why you guys are a likable group. When will we see @TheSeanMiller on here? He savvy like that?

@TheNicWise: don’t count on it. He thinks twitter can be trouble.

@WildcatHoops: Trouble with haters talking trash? How has it been interacting directly with the big fan base?

@TheNicWise: fanbase is good, get a lot of love and encouragement.

@WildcatHoops: OK last few questions … What’s on your iPod right now?

@TheNicWise: I have Short Dawg on repeat. He’s my boy from back home and signed Lil Waynes ‘Young Money’ label.

@WildcatHoops: Get him on that pregame intro video as you get McKale pumped. Why didn’t you unleash a Kevin Garnett scream in that?

@TheNicWise: I just did what they asked me to say.

@WildcatHoops: Fair enough. How will people remember The Nic Wise in 10 years from now?

@TheNicWise: hopefully as somone who was loyal to the program and respected my love for the game and this University.

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