ASUA elections commission overturns Matt Lubisich’s disqualification, Stefano Saltalamacchia to appeal


Simon Asher

Presidential candidate Matt Lubisich hugs friend after hearing election results. Lubisich received more votes than candidate Stefano Saltalamacchia for ASUA President, however his disqualification was pending review by the elections commission. The commission over turned the disqualification making him president-elect. 

Daily Wildcat Staff

The Associated Students of the University of Arizona elections commission has overturned presidential candidate Matt Lubisich’s disqualification, making Lubisich ASUA’s president-elect.

Last night during ASUA’s result announcements Elections Commissioner Chloe Durand said Lubisich won the majority of votes, but was disqualified pending review by the ASUA elections commission.

A candidate has to receive three strikes to be disqualified. The elections commission overturned the third strike and have not released what the three strikes were due to the elections code. 

Stefano Saltalamacchia has confirmed him and his team are appealing the decision. The case will now be heard in ASUA supreme court.