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    Pinterest and society: The good and the bad

    	courtesy of, the only snack for the athlete on the go

    courtesy of, the only snack for the athlete on the go

    What began as an invitation-only beta site with a couple thousand users has quickly progressed into one of the largest forums for recipes, crafts, inspirational quotes and photos of Boo the dog.

    Pinterest: It’s a virtual pin-board mecca that allows its users to skim through images and videos and categorize them into corresponding boards. While this may sound completely mundane to the untrained eye, Pinterest continues to stir the pot for female misconceptions and create unrealistic interpretations of their sub-par crafting and cooking skills.

    Guys, if you’re wondering how your girlfriend went from boxed mac and cheese dinners to spinach and pepper jack stuffed chicken breasts, she’s probably been pinning.

    Pinterest has had an undeniable influence on society and continues to keep girls frothing for hours on end. In addition, it has played a positive role in satisfying the appetites of boyfriends everywhere while simultaneously promoting craft store revenue.

    But the ripple of this website has curated an array of side-effects. Some are adverse, some not.

    For starters, Pinterest has supplied a home to otherwise closet cat lovers. Dying alone with five cats no longer seems taboo. In fact, it’s become somewhat of the social norm.

    On the flip side, Pinterest has also made it socially acceptable to possess an egotistical sense of entitlement over your workout routine (supplying false images of what could be your flat stomach) and a snide attitude regarding exercise. Pictures of glistening bodies and female athletes with stone cold faces and sweat sliding down the strands of their hair are around every corner.

    “Sweat is fat crying”? Girl, please. This needs to be addressed.

    Having a boastful body is one thing, sure, but some boards aren’t always pushing women in the right direction. After all, the fact that you called his mom at 2 in the morning on a Saturday to explain in a drunken fit of rage that her son is an outright, aggressive alcoholic and that honestly, he should, like, really seek some help because it’s seriously ridiculous, is going to make him remember how in the world he let you get away.

    To hell with you, Motivational Boards.

    Then there’s the “For When I Say ‘I do’” boards. Words cannot explain how deceptive an illusion this has been for female minds. Brides have always had high expectations for their weddings (thank you, Disney), but Pinterest has essentially taken those ideals and escalated them to unobtainable heights.

    Sweetheart, your wedding is not going to be on beach front property, and it’s more than likely not going to be extravagant. Maybe in your eyes, but not mine.

    It’s going to be inside the cramped confines of your childhood church with a monotone priest and a hellaciously long service because your Catholic mother refused to fund or even attend your wedding unless it was inside God’s house. That’s the reality of it. I’m sorry.

    Last but not least, there’s the captivating hilarity that swirls within the realms of Pinterest. Admittedly, these pins hold the capability of turning around anyone’s bad day, even the bitch that wrote this article. It gets me every time.

    So there you have it, folks. While Pinterest may be overly deceptive to the whole of the female population, it also gives way to endless amounts of laughs and an array of shirtless Ryan Goslings. Just be weary of those motivational pins and flat tummy tips.

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