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On ‘Evolution, intelligent design face off at Humanities panel,’ April 1

Science dismisses not only creationism (including intelligent design creationism), but other religious icons such as virgin birth and resurrection and the soul, as false — or at least not provably true. Religionists therefore attack science, because it is incompatible with their beliefs. Only the scientifically illiterate can possibly equate the well-established and long-established theory of evolution with the unproved and unprovable “”theory”” of intelligent design creationism.

— Anonymous

Why do these people focus on the theory of evolution? Why don’t you ever see them attack the fundamentals of geology, which disprove the Biblical age of the Earth? Why don’t you see them attack astronomy, which provides non-magical explanations for the origin of the Earth, Sun and planets?

Why don’t they attack the archaeologists who prove the Exodus did not happen as written, or the textual scholars who prove the Pentateuch wasn’t written by Moses? Or, will these other fields of study be under attack next if give unearned legitimacy to “”Intelligent Design?””

— Rick

Wow, referring to evolution as a belief! They are giving creationists way too much credibility by having this kind of discussion.

— David

Does it really matter whether it was evolution or intelligent design? Seems to me that it’s a topic drummed up to create a pissing match.

— Anonymous

The bible is a fairy story. Evolution is about learning and scientific method. Exactly where do they meet for discussion? Idiots only think that creationism has anything to say about science and only to those who do not understand science at all.

— Anonymous

On ‘How to train your dragon doesn’t soar,’ March 31

Hey, im 16 years old, i watched the film with my boyfriend, and we had fun. So does that mean that were not normal? I think we are … it’s a nice movie for me and I actually watched it twice.

— Normal gurl XP

I love this movie. And just about everyone else does too. Love this movie way more than “”Kung Fu Panda”” or “”Up.””

— Anonymous

My daughter (5) loved this move and so did we. My 3-year-old son was a bit scared towards the end.

This movie is fantastic — one of the better ones I’ve seen this year. The animation is superb and the jokes work on several levels so neither the parents or the kids

are bored.

Highly recommended from your average schmo.

— Average Schmo

On ‘Students dig into organic garden,’ April 1

Wow, that is a really great article!! It inspired me to build a composting area in an existing planter box for our citrus trees in our back yard in Scottsdale. I just started a garden on our new front patio this spring, and it has been a lot of fun watching the new plants grow.

— Anonymous

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