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New editor in chief eyes next fall

As the 2010-11 school year comes to a close, students are looking ahead to see what they can expect this coming fall.

Among the many changes in campus life that will affect next year is the hiring of Nicole Dimtsios as editor in chief of the Arizona Daily Wildcat.

Dimtsios will be a journalism senior this fall and has put in six semesters at the Wildcat. During her time, she has been a sports editor, assistant editor, sports reporter and copy editor. For Dimtsios, it was only natural she take it upon herself to apply for the next position up.

“”This was really the next step to kind of cement my time and influence here at the Wildcat,”” Dimtsios said. ””It’s always been something I’ve been extremely passionate about.””

Dimtsios said the paper has been on an upward slant and she has a plan to keep the upward momentum going. This includes hiring an eclectic staff of veteran reporters interspersed with young and passionate newcomers.

“”I wanted … to get in a staff of veterans who know how to run desks and how to manage people and to make sure content gets in,”” Dimtsios said. “”And have them hire a lot of young, blossoming reporters that can really grow under their guidance and continue on the tradition of the Wildcat.””

Dimtsios said that though she gets a fancy title, the real workhorses of the Wildcat are the editors and writers that are dedicated to making the Wildcat the number-one source for campus news.

“”If you have good content and good reporters who are willing to go out and get those stories, get those interviews, the last-minute things that show the extra effort, then that’s really what makes or breaks the paper,”” she said.

With so many other media outlets competing for students’ attention, Dimtsios said students choose the Wildcat because of the staff’s dedication to offering all of the important news on campus.

“”We are students, this is our paper, this is our livelihood,”” she said. “”Everyone really cares and everyone is really dedicated and that’s a huge strength of the Wildcat.””

Dimtsios said this dedication has given the Wildcat an in-depth look into campus life that isn’t offered through other media outlets. This has helped the Wildcat cover what Dimtsios said are the biggest stories on campus this year, including Rep. Gabrielle Gifford’s shooting, President Barack Obama’s visit to campus for the memorial service, the controversial Associated Students of the University of Arizona presidential elections and the men’s basketball team’s enthralling run to the Elite Eight.

“”The Wildcat remains relevant on campus because we are on campus,”” Dimtsios said. ””That’s one big thing that I kind of pushed for in my campaign was we’re on campus, we’re here, we’re students, we should be able to get that coverage of UA campus like no other paper can.””

Dimtsios plans on becoming a “”big-time”” sports broadcaster after college. However, she said her work at the Wildcat is only just beginning.

“”I’m going to be here a lot. The newsroom is going to be my home,”” Dimtsios said. “”I jokingly tell people that I sold my soul to the Wildcat a long time ago.””


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