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Snapchat tells students’ campus stories


Screenshot of what a UA student would see on campus. The story has pictures and videos detailing interesting events and happenings around campus.

The UA Snapchat campus story tells a story from 10,000 cameras instead of 10. But is the story an accurate representation of the Wildcats?

According to a Snapchat spokeswoman there are currently only about 50 campus stories. At its New York and Los Angeles offices, a team of Snapchat curators tend to these stories.

As with all live stories, these curators filter through all snaps submitted to the campus story and select the ones that tell a story that forms and represents the narrative of that particular day on campus, according to the spokeswoman.

“The fact that Snapchat is expanding their features and that they’re suitable for college campuses is actually a great opportunity,” said ASUA President Manny Felix. “They don’t have anything that’s inappropriate for students. If anything it’s all about showing your school pride and your love for your campus; it’s all just saying, ‘Bear Down,’ or throwing the Wildcat hand sign.”

Felix said he keeps up with the UA campus story and that it’s never gotten to the point where inappropriate snaps are published. He said he has even tried to make into onto the campus story himself a few times.

“I personally think it’s just a great way for students to be more involved on campus and in what’s going on,” Felix said.

The Snapchat spokeswoman said live stories are a great way to get a community view of events and that Snapchat has received positive feedback about its collegiate counterpart.

In order to view the campus story or send snaps, a user’s phone must indicate that it has been on or around campus within the last 24 hours.

Christian Wise, a computer science sophomore, said, “I like it because it’s kind of like a good glimpse of what everybody’s doing on campus. I’ve only seen one or two stories where somebody has had alcohol and that’s it, I think it’s pretty tame otherwise.”

Wise said he uses Snapchat pretty much every day and thinks the campus story accurately represents UA students.

Felix said he believes the story accurately portrays the school spirit of students and how much they express it on a daily basis.

“Whether it’s after your test, [when] you see a Snapchat that says, ‘I just finished my exam. Bear Down!’ or, ‘We have game day today. Bear Down,’ [or,] ‘My family came to visit, and I’m having dinner with them. Bear Down’ ­— I think it just kind of reflects on what students believe in and what Bear Down really means to them. But it’s not a true representation of our campus and the university. There’s a lot more that goes on,” Felix said.

Felix said he wishes Snapchat had more to its campus stories.

“I think there should be a lot more substantial information in there, and not just someone waking up and saying, ‘Bear Down!’” Felix said. “I think it should be a lot more of like news articles about what happens on campus or just information about events that are happening around campus.”

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