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    Law protects freedom of speech, not hurt feelings

    After last semester’s disturbing Keith Knight fiasco, I’m pleased to see more university officials upholding the sanctity of First Amendment ideals, clarifying that, in America, you absolutely have the right to speak, shout and write want you want even if it’s offensive! Yes, there is a line between offensive and abusive, however I fear for the future of our country every time we students, the ones that have to fix this train-wreck of an economy and society, censor ourselves out of fear of being “”rude,”” “”awkward”” or “”offensive.””

    I am pro-choice but I absolutely respect and love to see those who disagree with me shout their voices raw and write until their wrists shake about their own views. People, let’s remember what makes American democracy different than the others: Constitutional guarantees of freedom of expression. Let’s not become Canada and start jailing college students for speaking negatively about the philosophies of minority groups. (Google F.I.R.E.)

    At 22, I just successfully defeated an injunction against harrassment in court by someone who didn’t like that I spoke openly, loudly and pointedly about their weak, disgraceful and pathetically childish behavior. To anyone who thinks that they shouldn’t have to listen to the uber religious on campus, or anyone for that matter, I assure you, the law does not exist to protect your feelings.

    Brian Mori
    journalism senior

    Columnist speaks for ‘voiceless’ Americans

    I am writing to congratulate your on your article in the Wildcat describing Israeli atrocities and war crimes in Gaza. (“”Closer look at Gaza crisis raises disturbing questions,”” Feb. 10, 2009) It takes a lot of courage to present these facts to the public, and I have no doubt that you are already enduring a barrage of criticism from the pro-Israeli flacks. Words such as “”abomination,”” “”anti-Semite,”” etc., are among their favorite epithets. I want you to know that many people feel the same way that you do but have no vehicle to express their views. Congress is monolithic in support of Israel and impervious to any criticism of the Jewish state.

    Please steadfastly maintain your position, knowing that you speak for many appalled Americans who are currently voiceless.

    Henry Hall
    chemistry professor emeritus

    Columnist presents one-sided view of Gaza conflict

    Mr. Schivone: I recently read your latest article in the Arizona Daily Wildcat regarding what you call “”the grisly crimes in Gaza.”” When did it become a crime to protect your country from terrorist organizations? Did I miss an article you wrote about the United States being “”cold blooded”” for trying to find and kill bin Laden?

    Here are some facts that I think you are missing from your article. Hamas was voted in by a 90 percent majority in Gaza. Hamas is also an Iran-funded terrorist organizations that simply calls for the destruction of Israel and the murder of every Jewish person on the planet. Does the murder part sound familiar? Yes, you guessed it, the Nazis had similar goals, but this group is far more obvious. These “”politicians”” wear masks, carry AK-47s, and other weapons.

    What is interesting to me is that you fail to mention Hamas once in your piece, which discredits the entire article. If you knew about the situation, you would know that Hamas has been firing rockets into Israel for years. Over 3,000 rockets have been fired into Israel, and counting. The saddest part about the situation is that Hamas cares more about killing Israelis than protecting their own people. How do I know this? After Israel launched an effective attack on military points throughout Gaza, and Hamas was warned that if they continued to launch rockets there would be further military action, Hamas continued. Need more proof?

    Hamas uses innocent Palestinian women and children to hide behind, while the Israeli Defense Forces risk their lives to not hurt them. This is the fundamental difference between the two sides. The Israelis in power would die for their people, while Hamas has no problem killing theirs.

    I hope these facts help you to see what is really going on in Gaza. Look into Hamas and read their charter. You will then see why the U.S. rightfully aids Israel and not the terrorist organizations trying to destroy it. If you have any questions about the occurrences in Gaza please feel free to contact me, I obviously know more about the facts than anyone at the Wildcat.

    Leo Grifka
    business management senior

    Victoria’s Secret should pay royalties for use of UA name

    Thanks for the article and information. (“”Call on Victoria’s Secret for underwear, not university representation,”” Feb. 10, 2009) If Victoria’s Secret is capitalizing on the University of Arizona name, they should be paying royalties to the university for the use of the name.

    Branding is a very important aspect of the university public relations, marketing and external communications. The use of the name without signed agreements by the university is at best bad business, but could also be trademark infringement. (Eller School and Rogers Law will have more of the details about legal issues and trademark infringement.)

    The suppliers to the Book Store and Wal-Mart pay royalties to the university for the use of UA and Wildcat Logos. During these times of drastic budget cuts and rising student tuition, Victoria’s Secret should be paying royalties as well.

    I hope that your article motivates our professionals in the external communications departments to look more deeply into Victoria’s Secret’s PINK designs.

    Patricia Coyne-Johnson
    Director of Development & Marketing, College of Architecture and Landscape Architecture

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