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    Police Beat: September 25


    Two students were diverted to the Dean of Students Office on Sept. 16 for possession of drug paraphernalia and butane hash oil or wax, also known as dabs.

    At about 10:17 p.m., a University of Arizona Police Department police officer was called to the Coronado Residence Hall. When the officer arrived, he met with the resident assistant on duty, who told the officer that as he was finishing nightly rounds, he could smell a very strong odor of marijuana on the second floor.

    The RA took the officer to the second floor, and he could also smell the marijuana as soon as he entered the floor. The officer went to the room where the odor was most prominent and knocked on the door.

    The officer heard men speaking in the room, and when they finally opened the door, a man answered. The student who answered the door was the resident of the room. The officer asked the student if he could step inside, which the student agreed to. When the officer stepped inside the room, there was another student there as well.

    The officer asked for identification from both of them and said that he could smell a strong odor of marijuana in the room. One of the boys, whose eyes were glossy and read, shook his head.

    The officer asked if there was any marijuana in the room and they pointed to the desktop. The officer then found a pen vaporizer and a pink rubber ball with hash oil inside it. One student said that the items belonged to both of them, and the other resident agreed.
    The officer explained the diversion program to the students and took the vaporizer and wax into evidence.

    Should’ve gotten Windows

    A UA student had his laptop stolen inside his dorm room at the Arizona-Sonora Residence Hall sometime between Sept. 12-14.

    A UAPD officer met with the student and resident of the room in reference to his laptop being stolen. The student said that he believed his Apple MacBook Pro laptop was stolen from his room while he was away. He said that he was the last resident to leave the room and realized his laptop was gone the next morning, but thought he had just misplaced it. After looking for the laptop and asking friends, the student called UAPD.

    The student said that he occasionally leaves his door unlocked because one of his roommates lost his key and has not yet replaced it. However, the student did not suspect that either of his roommates took his laptop.

    The student did not have the serial number for the laptop, but said he would look for it and call UAPD when he had the information.
    The residence hall is also checking security cameras to see if any unknown person was in the hall around the time the laptop went missing.

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