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    Hey, Barkeep: Meet Sara Mohr from The Flycatcher

    Alex Guyton

    Sara Mohr, head bartender at The Flycatcher, presents the Sexy Blue Jesus, a cocktail of her own creation.

    Daily Wildcat: What is your favorite drink to make?

    Sara Mohr: The Sexy Blue Jesus. It’s something I created a few years ago. It has six alcohol ingredients that are going to remain secret, but it is a vodka-based drink, and it’s become quite popular. … It’s one of those sneaky drinks. It tastes good, but there’s a lot in it. I always say it tastes like blue cotton candy for adults.

    Most memorable customer?

    I waited on Greg Kinnear, the actor. He was cool as hell, and I know he’s a UA [alumus]. I don’t remember why he was in town. I respected him and gave him his space. He was just a guy at the bar. He was here for a couple of hours, and then the crowds started to crowd in on him.

    What is one of your pet peeves?

    People that stiff the bartender, it doesn’t happen often but my lord. I don’t think a lot of people are aware that as we make the sale, it goes under our name on paper to the government, so we get taxed on every dollar in that register. So if people order a round of drinks and leave you nothing, I basically just paid for them to drink. It’s a tipped job. We rely on gratuities.

    What can a customer do to make your job easier?

    Good manners. I think good manners are the glue of society. I live by that.

    Weirdest, strangest thing you’ve seen?

    We have this little fake fireplace around the corner, and I’ve seen people try to warm themselves in front of it. Obviously, they may be a little intoxicated. It’s a plastic log that rolls with a light behind it. I saw this guy come in, he looked like he was a few fries short of a Happy Meal, let’s say … he just started to warm himself. Another time, this little old lady pulled a chair up in front of the fireplace and started knitting.

    Any strange shots you’ve seen someone take?

    The worst shot I’ve ever seen, and I would never do this with somebody, but I’ve seen it; I think it was called a gorilla fart. … It’s the drink mat that collects all of the spill off at the end of the night. They take that and pour it into a glass. I mean, when Bailey’s and lime juice, let’s say, get together, it turns kind of cottage cheese. It’s kind of chunky in there.


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