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    On The Spot

    Jamilia Pierce
    Jamilia Pierce

    We saw pre-communication freshman Jamila Pierce walking by the Social Sciences building.

    Wildcat: OK, you’re on the spot. How do you feel about animal cruelty?

    Pierce: I’m against it. I don’t really believe in testing on animals or wearing fur, for that matter.

    W: Oh shoot. I just realized, I think I have to meet someone somewhere. Actually, can we interview some other time?

    P: OK.

    W: What time do you want to do it?

    P: I could do it at noon tomorrow.

    W: Could you do it at one tomorrow?

    P: Yeah.

    W: Oh, no wait. I can’t do it at one.

    P: We could do it over e-mail.

    W: I don’t really have a computer. Could you do it at 1:30 tomorrow?

    P: Yeah.

    W: No, no I couldn’t. How about on Monday?

    P: I don’t know my work schedule for Monday.

    W: Could you do it Sunday?

    P: Possibly. I’m not sure, though.

    W: What about next Friday?

    P: I’m gonna be gone.

    W: Could you do it tomorrow?

    P: Any time after 12.

    W: No, I can’t do it after 12. Could you do it before 12?

    P: Yeah.

    W: What time?

    P: How long would it take?

    W: Probably just two minutes.

    P: I could do it at 10:30.

    W: Well, could you do it at nine?

    P: I’m not going to be up at nine.

    W: Let’s get that settled later, I guess. Where do you want to do it? Do you want to do it on campus? We could do it outside Centennial Hall.

    P: I really don’t care.

    W: Or by the wishing shrine.

    P: My only class that I have tomorrow is by the Union.

    W: Or we could do it by the Union … Or could we do it at my house?

    P: How far is it?

    W: It’s Sixth and University. Or we could do it at your house.

    P: I live in the dorms.

    W: Yeah, that’d be kind of weird. What about on the fifth floor of the Tyndall Parking Garage?

    P: The garage, garage?

    W: Not a lot of people go there, so I just thought it would be good. What about by that parking spot over there?

    P: OK, that works.

    W: Five o’clock tomorrow?

    P: Five at night?

    W: Or, 5 a.m.?

    P: Not 5 a.m.

    W: Or 6 a… 6 p.m.?

    P: Probably earlier than that.

    W: Well, let me just ask you now, because this is getting complicated. What’s your favorite animal?

    P: Penguin.

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