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Athlete of the week: Brady Lefferts

Editor’s Note: After missing 10 of the Arizona Icecats’ first 17 games due to injury, sophomore forward Brady Lefferts burst back onto the scene in the team’s two-game sweep of Texas Tech this past weekend. Lefferts exploded with six goals and two assists on the weekend, including a ridiculous five goals in game two. The Arizona Daily Wildcat’s Mike Schmitz caught up with Lefferts to discuss his return from injury, the recent scoring outburst and his dad’s spot in the UA Hall of Fame.

Daily Wildcat: How difficult was it to sit back and watch your team play while you were injured?

Brady Lefferts: It was very difficult because after I first got injured I was able to come back and I had just gotten into shape and just started feeling good again, and then I got injured again.  Especially watching the ASU games, it’s very difficult to sit in the stands and watch those games when you want to play so badly.

DW: You scored five goals on Saturday; did you do anything differently before the game?

BL: No, I think it was just that I let myself totally heal. Having the break and not skating for a couple of weeks I was completely healed. I came back fresh and was able to have a good week of practice and just get ready for the weekend.

DW: Have you ever scored five goals in a game?

BL: No, I haven’t had five. I had three last year but five’s the most I’ve had.

DW: How did you feel out there?

BL: I felt good; I had a good week of practice. More than anything I felt like I had really good hands this weekend. My shot was on and I felt more confident shooting the puck this weekend, now that I was completely healthy.

DW: What were you thinking when they just kept going in?

BL: I was just thinking, ‘keep shooting’ (laughs). ‘Just keep shooting and get the puck on the net.’ I was just hitting spots with my shot, picking the corners and stuff so I just kept thinking, ‘keep shooting.’

DW: It looked like you and your line mates had really good chemistry out there …

BL: Yeah that was one really big thing. As soon as we came back from break, coach put me back with (Jordan) Schupan for the first time really since last year. That gave me a lot of confidence playing with a guy that I had a lot of success with last year. Me being back on that line gave me the confidence that I had before.

DW: What do you think it is that makes you guys so good together?

BL: Schupan’s a great player and we work well together because we played a lot together last year and have a lot of points together. I don’t know if it’s more of a trust thing, but I just know that we look for each other. It’s kind of like second nature, knowing where he’s going to be, because I’ve played with him so much.

DW: Switching gears, what is your favorite NHL team?

BL: The Detroit Red Wings.

DW: Favorite sports team?

BL: San Diego Chargers.

DW: Why is that?

BL: My dad had season tickets for 15 years so I grew up going to every game. I lived in San Diego until I was 10.

DW: If you weren’t playing hockey, what other sport do you think you would be playing?

BL: Probably baseball, because my dad was actually a professional baseball player.

DW: Oh really, who did he play for?

BL: He actually played for U of A. He is in the U of A Hall of Fame. He was the winning pitcher in the 1980 College World Series and played for the Padres.

DW: So did you play a lot of baseball growing up, then?

BL: Yeah in eighth grade I basically had the chance to play baseball or hockey year-round, and hockey is just such a fast sport and it’s my first love, so I stopped playing baseball and stuck with hockey.

DW: Who would you say is your dream girl?

BL: Uh, I don’t know. Probably my girlfriend.

DW: Good answer. What’s your favorite type of music?

BL: I like everything: country, rock, absolutely everything. I like country, hip-hop, techno.

DW: If you had a top-five playlist of songs you listen to before games what would it be?

BL: Before games I usually go for techno. Techno gets me going so it’s good before games.

DW: What are your goals for the rest of the year?

BL: Team-wise, we’ve lost our first four against ASU so I think we want to try and win our last four against ASU; that and a chance to get as high above .500 as possible. Personal goals: just keep playing well and doing all I can to help the team win, which usually comes from scoring goals for me, or getting points.


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