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    On the Spot

    On the Spot

    We saw William Kugelman waiting with his wife outside Centennial Hall before the “”Hundred Years of Hollywood”” show.

    Wildcat: OK, you’re on the spot.

    Kugelman: So are you at the university?

    W: Yeah, I’m a student journalist.

    K: My grandson has a degree in journalism.

    W: So this is the first picture. Just tell me what you see and what you think of.

    K: Oh my god. A tree and clouds. Trees and clouds. It’s a pond. It’s a pond.

    W: OK, the second one.

    K: Oh, it’s psychology. Here I see a four-legged animal, a dog. A misshapen face of a person.

    W: How does it make you feel?

    K: Laugh and then cry. It makes me feel like crying, the poor misshapen face. Laughing because it’s comical.

    W: Yeah. OK, what about this one?

    K: (Pauses.) To me, this looks like, a guy tries to wash a dog. To clean the dog.

    W: It’s so bizarre.

    K: Whatever. (Pauses.) A guy trying to wash his dog.

    W: OK, last one.

    K: Looks like a gun. Says “”bang.”” And a cat that’s getting killed.

    W: A what?

    K: A cat!

    W: Oh yeah, it does look like a cat.

    – interview by Andi Berlin

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