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    “On the spot: Andrew Coley, media arts sophomore transfer”

    So where do you go now?

    Right now I’m at Pima.

    So media arts … best movie a professional athlete’s been in?

    That’s a toughie; I’m going to have to think for a sec. You gotta lot like “”Space Jam”” and stuff. I’m definitely gonna go with “”Kazaam”” with Shaq. Shaquille O’Neal.

    The movie where he raps.

    He does rap. He also makes it rain candy.

    I really wanted to show up the Suns’ practice in the “”Kazaam”” costume and see if he’d sign it.

    Like the little genie thing and hold a boom box? That would be pretty legit.

    What are you planning to do this Sunday?

    I plan to go home and sit around in my underwear until I have to get ready to go to church. Like every other Sunday. Or day in general.

    Do you spend more time in your pants or underwear at your house?

    At my house? Underwear. Who doesn’t?

    You could be watching NASCAR right now.

    I don’t believe NASCAR is a legitimate sport, so…

    So now we’re getting personal in this interview.

    I just don’t see how driving around in circles for 500 laps in considered a sport.

    Tell me, what’s your favorite sport?

    Um, oh, let me think. What’s the one … curling! Ice curling!

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