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Column: Trump takes all

Tom Price

So what was it that got the nation on his side? How did he manage getting people to ignore all the controversy surrounding him and his campaign in order for them to cast their vote his way? What may have been the catalyst was that Donald Trump did something Hillary Clinton did not: He gave a promise which captured the imaginations of many: “Make America Great Again.” Love or hate it, the slogan appeared to grab enough people to win the election and is now the slogan of our new president.

Donald Trump won because he made people feel they had a voice. With his slogan he took to the campaign trail and convinced the population he could fix the leaks and re-shine the rusting system. They wanted a fearless, no-nonsense leader, and they found those traits within him.

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What started off as a joke to many people, upon hearing he was running for the presidency, turned into motivation when they heard him speak and felt his charisma when they saw him in person and on television. The media had a field day and so did the social media, which looking back now, seems to have added to his popularity and success in the polls.

Trump managed to captivate and sway the American people by allowing them to feed off his personality and see the vision for America he had. He was able to give people the vision of reclaiming their America and to take back control over their seemingly distant government.

It’ll be amusing to see how Donald Trump supporters will act after their victory as well. Will they strut and say “I told you so” while reminding us of all the mean things people said about him? Or will they be the responsible and grown people who take victory as if they had been there before and use this historical moment to help unify and motivate their previous opponents? The sunrise will shine over a very interesting morning with hopefully peaceful results.

However, as many Americans went to bed exhilarated from sweet victory, there were many out there going to bed dreading the morning. Despite Trump’s win it can’t be ignored that he has made many minorities and religious groups feel uncomfortable with looking up to him as commander-in-chief.

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It’s at this point in the writing process I find myself in a predicament. I find myself in one because what Trump has said and done to offend these people is documented and can be seen on the internet with a few clicks of the mouse.

I would be lying if I continued this opinion trying to make people see the glass as half full when it comes to his vulgar comments and behavior.

However, Trump is our new president, and I’m happy to have fresh blood in the oval office. I’m scared and yet excited for the future, because Trump is the first president in a while who has challenged the people of the United States so intensely.

He has both offended and motivated, yet still won the country over. This has been an amazing election and Trump is in a position to breathe new life and confidence into the American people. Although he has a long road ahead of him gaining the trust and backing of all Americans our new president has an opportunity to deliver on his slogan.

Donald Trump has a major job ahead of him now, and not only just by handling the business side and politics of being president; he also needs to gain the trust and support of those whom he has offended.

“Making America great again” won’t be an easy task; it’ll take time and it’ll take unity—new-found responsibilities for our new president, Donald.

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