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    Your Views: September 25

    From “No-knock warrants are troubling” (by Ashleigh Horowitz, Sept. 24)

    The country that prides itself like no other on liberties and freedom keeps flushing those very core values further and further down the toilet. As a native of Germany — the country often accused of being a police state — I’m speechless at the ongoing abuse of power and militarization of U.S. police. Deeply troubling, as the article says.

    — Daniel Stolte

    From “Pima Community College fighting to keep its accreditation” (by Adriana Espinosa, Sept. 24)

    This article rightly points out that probation had to do with governance, not academics. However, the optimistic view that all has been fixed is sadly not true. Four of the five Governing Board members responsible for PCC’s probation are still on the board. They have earned the college’s and our community’s mistrust. They are a caution flag to lifting probation.

    — KindnessNow

    From “Martha McSally for new gun control laws” (by Max Rodriguez, Sept. 24)

    As if stalkers are above stealing a gun or using a knife, rope, or fist to commit their evil.

    Some states already [have] similar laws and require all transactions to be checked. Are their stalking related crime rates dropping? I looked; there are no statistics kept of these crimes to compare whether their rates have moved up or down. Shouldn’t we have proof of a law’s effectiveness before supporting it?

    — williamdiamon

    From “Islam not root cause of ISIS” (by Tom Johnson, Sept. 23)

    Islam is not the root of ISIS … Except for the fact that their first acts always involve the imposition of Islamic law, the establishment of Islamic courts, the deployment of Islamic morality police and the imposition of Islamic purdah on women (i.e. Islamic gender apartheid, forced veiling, extreme restrictions on movements including the prohibition of leaving the house without a male relative, etc). Oh, and their stated intention is to create a renewed caliphate and their leader is a famous imam from Iraq with an advanced degree in Islamic theology. But other than that, you might have a point.

    ­— Omar

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