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    Psychics gather at Tucson Psychic Fair

    Ian Martella

    Spritual healer L. Yvonne Grace demonstrates a health session on Kevin Snavley. Grace frequently visits the University of Arizona Medical Center to teach lessons in alternative healing.

    Psychics, mediums and energy healers will gather at the Tucson Psychic Fair Holistic Expo on Sept. 28 from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. at the Desert Diamond Casino off the Nogales Highway.

    For a mere $5 at the door, visitors can explore 50 psychic vendors of varying specialties and attend free hourly lectures on topics including the medicinal uses of essential oils, crystal and gemstone healing and the constancy of divine timing.

    Beginning in 2009, the Tucson Psychic Fair ran at the Four Points by Sheraton on Speedway Boulevard and Campbell Avenue. The building was torn down to make way for the current business, Aloft Tucson University, and with the change, the Tucson Psychic Fair had to search for a new venue.

    “Tucson was sort of on the back burner because we couldn’t find the venue we wanted,” said Dyan Garris, proprietor of the Tucson, Phoenix and Sedona Psychic Fairs.

    The tides have changed this year. With 50 vendors, including celebrity psychics from around the country, the Tucson Psychic Fair is in full bloom.

    “Everyone’s conception of the psychic fair was that it was sort of a flea market,” Garris said. “It’s a learning experience, a teaching experience, more than just a gypsy looking into a crystal ball.”

    The Tucson Psychic Fair is Garris’ brainchild, but it came to be in a peculiar fashion. Garris said that she was not well connected within the psychic community before the fair, but said that the fair seemed to have composed itself.

    “I just put it out there on the airwaves that I was starting this event, and we started attracting the best, most certified psychics,” Garris said.

    Garris herself is a multidimensional healer. She is a visionary mystic, voice recognition psychic and trance channel medium specializing in reading the Akashic records.

    Garris explained the Akashic records as being like a record of the soul.

    “Everybody has a soul book,” Garris said. “What I do is read that book. … It brings forth what people need to know from their souls.”

    Garris goes even deeper than the Akashic records. In addition to reading from the Akashic records, Garris is also a psychic medium, meaning she has the ability to communicate with the dead.

    Garris’ work in spiritual healing parallels part of her reason in doing the fair. Much of the spiritual community within Arizona seems to be centered in Sedona. Being so far north, many community members who work full-time or are without transportation would not be able to make the trip.

    “People in Tucson don’t get up to Sedona to experience all the modalities,” Garris said. “We’re bringing it to the people down here.”

    L. Yvonne Grace is one of the 50 vendors at the Tucson Psychic Fair. Grace is a certified spiritual healer, and has been asked to visit the University of Arizona Medical Center for a program that gives medical students the opportunity to consider energy healing as a part of an alternative medicine curriculum.

    Grace performs healing sessions on individuals, which consists of her breathing deeply and rubbing her hands together, charging with energy.

    Grace is also a master in Pleiadian theory, information referring to the 250-500 Pleiades stars within the constellation Taurus. This information is passed on from Nordic aliens, who hail from the Pleiades stars, to special individuals here on Earth.

    “I’ve studied with as many people as I can,” Grace said. “Every time I study with someone, I learn something new. The next one I’m interested in is Theta healing.”

    After receiving an energy healing session, Grace said that it’s best to drink lots of water after receiving any energy work.

    “It takes a lot out of you,” Grace said, “and you feel so good that you might not notice.”

    Energy healing like the kinds Grace practices and various other methods of spiritual healing are all available at the Tucson Psychic Fair. Before the crowds start to arrive, Garris said that all the psychics stand in a circle to connect their energies.

    “We are there to serve the public,” Garris said, “and get us back to our natural state of love.”

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    Editor’s Note:

    Correction: In the “Psychics gather at Tucson Psychic Fair” article printed on Aug. 29, L. Yvonne Grace has never taught a course or lesson at the University of Arizona Medical Center. Grace has only been asked to perform her services at the hospital.

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