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    Police Beat: February 15

    The downside to social media

    A UA student reported social networking harassment to police, following an argument on Feb 10.

    The University of Arizona Police Department spoke with the woman via telephone at 4:52 p.m. on Feb. 12. Sent from a male friend in her Villa Del Puente Residence Hall, the harassment had persisted for several days.

    The incident began on Feb. 10 when the two had plans for lunch, but the man canceled on her, before she later discovered he was to have lunch with someone else.

    The two then got in a verbal argument that afternoon, before agreeing to calm down and discuss is later. That evening in her room, she confronted him about “ditching” her earlier. The man then began “screaming at her and got in her face.”

    The woman, in addition to her two dormmates present in the room, asked him to leave several times, but he refused, continuing to yell. She then threatened to notify the residence assistant and he left.

    Several Facebook and Twitter messages were then noticed by the woman, from the man and while not directly mentioning her name, were aimed at her.

    A Hydroxycut poster was then placed on the woman’s door the following day, which she knew was the work of the man since he’d told her friend.

    Since the argument, the two had not made direct contact, but the woman said she was “concerned for her well-being.” She told police the man had been suicidal in the past and is very aggressive.

    UAPD then contacted the woman’s RA who said the man “can become very aggressive and confrontational” when under the influence.

    The woman did not wish for UAPD to contact the man regarding his behavior, but said she’d ask him to stop and if the messages became more obscene, she’d contact police to document the case.

    Do not fear the unknown

    A non-UA affiliate was arrested for underage drinking after consuming “unknown alcohol,” before UAPD spotted her outside the Electrical and Computer Engineering building at 1:45 a.m. on Feb. 10. UAPD made contact with the woman after approaching a Mitsubishi in an alleyway neighboring the building.

    The lights were off but two women occupied the vehicle, one of who was slumped over in the passenger’s seat.

    A few minutes prior to this, an officer had seen the car on the east lane of Park Avenue. The passenger had since rolled her window down, placed her head out the window and appeared to be dry heaving.

    UAPD then spoke with the passenger who claimed to be fine.
    The officer noted a slur in her speech and the smell of alcohol.

    Additionally she had “depressed fine motor skills,” while remaining slumped in her seat.

    The woman said she was coming from a house party but drank too much.

    She was then cited and released for underage drinking with spirituous liquor in body and taken home by her friend.

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