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    In response to “Text asks PIKE members to support ASUA presidential candidate in exchange for alcohol” (by Brittny Mejia, Feb. 25):

    Let’s just stop believing that ASUA elections aren’t just a big popularity contest. Any shred of legitimacy they had is now gone. They never get anything done and they stoop to this low to get votes. Pathetic.

    — Kevin Wos

    Leave them alone. This was sent to their chapter members. Your facebook is filled with things worse than this text that was sent to friends in private. Stop trying to ruin people’s reputations and try writing stories that will help unite this campus not tear it apart.

    — anonymous

    In response to “Minimum wage increase would boost economy, assist low income families” (by Nathaniel Drake, Feb. 26):

    If you increase the minimum wage, that increases prices on food and gas and those people that were at $9 before the minimum wage increase would get a pay increase to $11 and those getting $11 would get a pay increase to $13 and so on. The cost of goods and services would then reflect the increase of money across the board.

    There is a reason some jobs are at the bottom of the totem pole and only pay $7.25. You can’t just give them an increase and not expect it to create ripples across the economy. This would simply increase the poverty level as well.

    — UA

    An increase of minimum wage would be a double whammy to businesses.

    Obama Care will force the business to insure its workers if there are 45 or more workers. Thus making businesses want to have less than that. And now an increase in wages would make the business even more hesitant to hire workers.

    Bad policy. The minimum wage needs to be tied to inflation instead of being a voting matter.

    — JZ

    This is not the land of equal opportunity. It’s the land of opportunity. That is not just a typo. There is a huge difference in the two terms.

    — Ben J.

    I’m a UA alumnus and a college professor (not at UA). I routinely post my syllabus and entire class at least a week before it starts on the learning management system we use. I like to have some students prepared for the first class. Many, sadly, do not take advantage of the advanced notice. Probably the only benefit to students are those that “course shop” – they read my syllabus and then skedaddle, haha.

    — Jim Patterson

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