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    Rupert Murdoch consolidates plan to rule world

    Rupert Murdoch finalized his deal Tuesday, buying Newsday and choosing the top editor for the Wall Street Journal. He bought Newsday for $580 million, according to the International Herald Tribune, and puts him “”in control of three of the nation’s 10 largest newspapers.”” The man basically owns the entire media industry – it’s literally insane. (Fine, fine, figuratively insane.) You would think with all that money he used silk instead of toilet paper. He is No. 45 on the list of the richest people in the world – the world. That’s a pretty big deal. Murdoch said in an interview that once he buys out the rest of the world’s media, he plans to make deals to take over the world.

    A new way to ‘go green’

    Some may consider transferring to the University of Colorado after video and photos were released displaying how its students spend their time on 4/20. Last I checked, marijuana was illegal, but on the Colorado campus that day, the cops could do very little to stop a huge group of students from lighting up. Can you imagine if you were visiting the campus that day looking to attend in the fall? It appeared to be a free-for-all as 10,000 students grouped together to celebrate – not one person was arrested or cited for smoking their doobie. According to an article posted on, in past years officers have tried to stop the festivities by hosing the students down and also taking pictures of those smoking and posting them on the department’s Web site with a $50 reward for each person found. Apparently when it gets into the thousands, officials give up on trying to enforce the law. Perhaps the police deduced that it would be safer not to do anything. After all, marijuana does not make people angry and violent, unless you have that kind of personality to begin with, so what harm is it really causing? It’s simply a new way to go green.

    King of the (over the) hill

    Larry King is approximately 700 years old, and recently had his CNN contract extended, which will last through June 2011, according to Basically, King will have his CNN program until he has at least one foot in the grave, which I thought already happened. What happened to bringing in fresh new faces to replace these old bags? King is getting way too old to be interviewing anyone except his grandchildren. The interview he conducted with Jerry Seinfeld was one of epic proportion – and not in a good way – when he asked Seinfeld if his show was cancelled. “”There’s a big difference between being cancelled and being number one,”” Seinfeld said in the interview. He was clearly pissed off. Stop renewing this man’s contract! He’s losing his marbles! He is one chicken nugget short of a Happy Meal! He checked out mentally a long time ago, let his body follow!

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