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    Q&A: UA student popularizes “danceblading” on campus

    Q&A: UA student popularizes danceblading on campus
    Fiona Foster

    Devon Moule, a science education senior, has carved himself a unique niche on the UA campus: “danceblading,” an amalgamation of dance, balance and athleticism, where he inline skates while dancing to pop and hip-hop music.

    Daily Wildcat: Tell me about danceblading. Did you come up with it?

    Moule: In other sects, it’s called “choreographed skating,” but when I came here, I thought that was kind of boring-sounding, so I started calling it “danceblading.” I didn’t come up with the idea, but I put a twist on it. I was originally a figure skater — I come from Kentucky and we actually have ice there — but when I got here, I took up rollerblading because there wasn’t much in the way of skating in Tucson. I had to change my medium, and when I heard about choreographed skating, I thought it would be pretty cool to take and do something with it.

    What do you do on the UA campus?

    I strap on my skates and I usually go around the Mall — I end up going up and down all the places where bikes generally aren’t allowed, too, because I don’t like being run over. I tend to go in front of Bear Down Gymnasium and Old Main, and I dance to pop and hip-hop songs while I’m on blades. I’ve also had people ask me to perform at various venues; I was a part of a competition last year where I had to perform Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies” on rollerblades.

    It seems like danceblading would be kind of hard.

    It’s pretty much what you’d expect when you see figure skating, except it’s more hip-hop and not “Oh, I’m doing ballet on skates.”

    Is there a community behind this here, or is it just you?

    So far, it’s just me. We do have a Rollerblading Club but they’re kind of more into speed skating and jumping up off of things. I’m the only danceblader we have on campus, to my knowledge.

    There are always these campus characters you hear about, such as Fake Business Man, Brother Jed and the guy who used to do the robot in the SUMC. Recently, you’ve started being mentioned along with them in conversations I’ve overheard. Thoughts?

    Any time you can be lumped in with Fake Business Man, that is awesome. I prefer to stay away from clumping with the general homeless community, because I’m a student and I actually do have a place to live, but being coupled with awesome figures like that — that’s just epic.

    Do you see yourself continuing this at a future job or does it stop when you graduate?

    I feel like it’s one of those cool things that kids can say about it, “Oh, that teacher is weird because he dances on rollerblades and I like that.” I want to be that weird teacher. It’s just one of those fun things that I hope to keep doing.

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