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    Q&A;: UA student plans to shine in upcoming play

    On Aug. 27, The Arizona Daily Wildcat caught up with Charlotte Bernhardt, who plays Maggie in Arizona Repertory Theatre’s upcoming production of “”Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.”” Here is what transpired:

    How did you decide that the University of Arizona was where you wanted to study acting?

    “”During the audition process I realized how esteemed it is and how incredible and learned the faculty members are and how lucky I would be to be under them. I also really wanted a BFA. On top that, it’s associated with the Repertory Theatre, where they choose from the acting and physical theatre majors, and that’s a huge deal; the opportunity to perform was a really big incentive for me.””

    In what directions are you looking to grow as an actor? What are your plans after the UA?

    “”When I graduate I’m moving to Los Angeles, and I would like more than anything to be in film and television, do commercial work, voiceover work, anything that gets me a job! But, my passion would be in the film industry and I’ve always, always, always wanted to do that. And I love California, so hopefully that’ll be good.””

    Sounds like you’ll be in the right place! How about while you’ve been here; you’ve been in several productions… what was your favorite role?

    “”Definitely Maggie. It’s the most incredible opportunity I’ve ever been given in the acting world, and I adore everything about the character… and Tennessee Williams, and the play, and the cast. So everything all together makes it the best role possible.””

    Tell us a little bit more about the play. Tennessee Williams’ “”A Streetcar Named Desire,”” was on a lot of high school reading lists, but a lot of people aren’t as familiar with “”Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.””

    “”Well, I know that Tennessee Williams said that “”Cat”” is his favorite show. Not only is there so much passion, and, like, eloquent writing within the show, but it’s so easily relatable. It’s definitely my favorite show of Tennessee Williams’, though I know that can be easily argued! But I think there’s a reason why it was his favorite, too… it’s applicable to every generation and the characters are so real. The way that it’s structured, everything just makes sense. It’s unique, and fun to watch, and incredible to be a part of.””

    Any pre-curtain rituals you have that you’re comfortable sharing with us?

    “”I have to pop my ears before I go onstage, I have to shake out my body… I have to have chapstick on, absolutely have to have moisturized lips, um… I get ready the exact same way every day. I don’t want to change anything. So I put on my pantyhose at the exact same time that I do every single day, in the same order, ’cause I don’t like to jinx anything. And I take off my dress and put it back on three times so I make sure that it will zip up and down ’cause I have to undress onstage.””

    Did that make you nervous at all?

    “”Absolutely! I was very uncomfortable at the very beginning with the whole ‘I’m gonna be in a tiny slip on stage’ thing… but as soon as I got into character, it wasn’t me in the slip anymore, it was her in the slip, and I was completely uninhibited and she’s so comfortable in her body that it was no longer me feeling any sort of embarrassment.””

    How do you balance your onstage career with your offstage coursework, as a student?

    “”Theatre is a passion for me and it’s what I love doing so it’s not a burden in any way, it’s just a lot of time consumed. Because you do so much, you’re better at everything, you’re completely concentrated on the work at hand. It’s all about scheduling and pacing yourself. You sleep and eat, and try not to forget to do those things. But somehow you always find a way for everything and it pays off even more in the end.””

    Well, there’s a lot of potential for this show; we’ll look forward to seeing you onstage, Charlotte!

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